2023 Cannabis Packaging Trends

As the market becomes increasingly saturated, cannabis packaging will become a key differentiator that helps brands stand out on the shelves. In 2023, we’re going to start seeing more creative use of packaging space and an added emphasis on sustainability.

Whether it’s packaging inserts or fun videos linked to QR codes, the unboxing experience is going to become more attractive and shareable. We are already noticing consumer preferences on product packaging and how it influences their shopping experience.

We’ll also see brands move away from single-use packaging, which is currently a major point of discussion in the industry.

Both these things will make brands more attractive to conscious consumers who want to connect with brands for their values and mission instead of just their superficial aesthetic.

The Importance of Child-Resistant Packaging Features 

Of all the unique and creative elements that can go into a brand’s product packaging, there is one detail that all cannabis packaging shares. Child-resistant locks and features on the packaging are of utmost importance for preventing accidental ingestion or consumption by minors.

Especially with the variety of deliciously sweet and candied THC infusions on the market, the look of edibles and beverages alone is enough to leave a curious child tempted to indulge.

To prevent children from accessing cannabis edibles or products, packaging can be designed with safety features such as locking lids for edible tins, push and turn caps on infused beverages, or resealable zippers with a safety lock.

Depending on the legal market, many states are rolling out their own cannabis packaging compliance to adhere to these safety standards. However, for cannabis manufacturers, there’s an ongoing challenge of remaining compliant while also being easy for people to open the product.

Why is Opening Cannabis Packaging a Challenge? 

Sure, cannabis needs to be sold in child-resistant packaging, but the packaging is often so child-proof that it becomes adult-proof.

Health Canada estimates 1 in 3 patients use cannabis to manage arthritis symptoms, chronic pain, and acute pain. Someone with pain in their hands, for instance, will undoubtedly struggle to open the medication they’re expecting to help relieve that very pain.

Even for cannabis connoisseurs like the Cannabis Creative team, who are surrounded by cannabis design and technology on a daily basis, opening a cartridge box or capsule bottle can still be a struggle. We aren’t surprised when consumers say they need scissors and other tools to access their cannabis.

More User-Friendly Cannabis Packaging

Packaging is literally a physical barrier to access, and there needs to be a stronger balance between child safety and ease of accessibility for adults.

Not the mention how each legalized cannabis state issues its own unique set of packaging rules and regulations – how does a brand meet state compliance while still providing an easily accessible and eye-popping product design?

Cannabis Creative isn’t a packaging or manufacturing expert. As consultants, we work closely with clients on their packaging designs and have firsthand experience in their processes. We recommend that companies consult with a compliance expert before moving forward with product lines.

As a marketing agency, we have had the opportunity to work with two leading cannabis packaging companies offering child-safe and compliant packaging. Gold Leaf is a cannabis packaging company that offers two patent-pending childproof mechanisms for all products.

Treeform Packaging Solutions is leading the way in sustainable and safe packaging with its child-resistant packaging materials for all product types. Anything from joints, vapes, concentrate drams, edibles, or inhalers can be packaged into these child-resistant packaging features.

As consumers, we want packaging that’s easy to open. Designing cannabis packaging is a challenge – it must be user-friendly, child-resistant, and even airtight.

Manufacturers should tap into the minds of customers, consult with them in stores, and take their feedback into consideration for future product packaging improvements. Work with packaging and print experts to make instructions for opening clear.

Budtenders should be knowledgeable about how to open any given product and educate customers proactively at the point of sale. Customers should feel encouraged to talk openly about product packaging and usage.

Consumers Support Cannabis Sustainability 

Another major trending shift in the legal cannabis market is recyclable and sustainable materials and packaging. Companies and brands across the country are rolling out sustainable packaging in ways that elevate their brand awareness and consumer relationships.

Overall, 82% of respondents are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. The Buying Green Report stated this surveyed information is up four points from 2022, and eight points since 2021 – further indicating that even with a troubling economy for the industry in general, sustainable and reusable packaging remains the priority to consumers. It’s no secret sustainable materials, methods, and operations within the cannabis industry are being supported by consumers.

For cannabis brands and manufacturers, there’s an endless list of options when it comes to implementing more sustainable cannabis products and packaging materials. Using recycled or biodegradable packaging not only benefits the environment but also strengthens the relationship with the consumer, the product, and the planet.

Reusable & Recyclable Packaging is Key 

Depending on the specific product you’re looking to package and sell, there are plenty of ways manufacturers and companies can go about promoting sustainable packaging with their cannabis products.

From clients, our marketing agency always encourages brands to think outside the box about how they want to present and showcase their products. Consider designing cannabis packaging that allows consumers to easily reuse or repurpose the package. Adding a recycle icon to cannabis packaging can also prompt the consumer to either properly recycle the product package or reuse it however they’d like.

Imagine a really cool design on a glass eighth jar or a fun design on a tin pack of edibles. These sustainable packaging materials are often reused for storing personally rolled joints or other small items. Customers who are intrigued by the packaging design and its potential for reuse will not only value the sustainable approach but will be excited about its versatile use.

Cannabis Packaging Projects We Love

Cannabis Creative understands that when you’re competing for attention on dispensary shelves and displays, product packaging is the first impression any consumer will have of your brand.

Whether it is on dispensary shelves or through an e-commerce website, print and packaging design provide a tangible way for you to convey your core values to the world.

These packaging design elements are the first visual and sensory details your customers get to experience with your cannabis products. From reusable edible pouches and preroll tins to pre-packaged flower boxes and bottles for cannabis beverages – our marketing agency’s print and packaging services are here to brainstorm the newest innovative packaging for your brand.

Here are a few of the many clients our marketing agency has worked with recently on print and packaging design:

White Lotus 

Inspired by their own original artwork, White Lotus came to Cannabis Creative with a hand-drawn sketch in hopes of turning it into a complete logo and brand identity. This one-of-a-kind brand presented its hand-created logo of a cannabis flower donning a tophat, mustache, and lips.

They also reached out to our social media management and marketing team for assistance with branding and packaging that would match the overall cool and vintage speakeasy theme.

Lux Medi 

Lux Medi is a CBD brand that was looking to promote the benefits of plant wellness while standing out among the crowded dispensary shelves. Considering how CBD and plant-based wellness products have experienced a drastic boom over the past few years, Cannabis Creative worked to construct a set of brand standards and logos that would echo the brand’s high-end values.

Our team of branding and packaging designers worked with Lux Medi to create a look that embraced this inclusive, authentic perspective of wellness and design a logo that could simply work on a variety of packaging sizes and forms – from wellness teas, tinctures, bath bombs, and more.

Cannabis Creative worked with Kelia on a brand identity and logo design for their innovative cannabis-infused beverage. Made by combining potent cannabis distillates and quality ingredients, Kelia needed a sleek and chic logo and packaging design that matched its sophisticated flavors.

Our design team worked to create a beverage packaging design with a neutral, futuristic, and classy design perspective.


Cannabis Creative recently had the chance to work with this new client on brand identity and packaging design. Clebby’s came to Cannabis Creative in search of a unique brand identity and packaging design that would match their product idea and company values – of course, our marketing and design team was up for the challenge!

Offering pre-made and pre-dosed cannabis-infused baking mixes (such as chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or lemon pound cake), Clebby’s branding was envisioned to present an untraditional twist on a retro, vintage look and feel. The packaging design for these products needed to compliment the specific old-school style brand identity while also being packaged for functionality and compliance across differing state guidelines.

Not only was the entire creative process with Clebby’s a blast, but their line of cannabis-infused baking mixes has become one of our team’s favorite innovative products of the year!

Canna Companion 

As an authentic CBD brand with pet-specific products, Canna Companion reached out to Cannabis Creative for support in amplifying its brand message and core values. With the challenge of remaining compliant with both the veterinary and CBD industries, our marketing and design team helped in rebranding and designing product packaging for this CBD pet care company.

Bringing Your Product Packaging Visions to Life with Cannabis Creative 

As a leading marketing agency in the cannabis industry, we frequently hear from our clients and brands about the significance of standing out in a highly competitive market. However, with state compliance, sustainability, child-resistant qualities, and other cannabis product packaging features at play – we understand it’s not easy to do alone!

Our extensive expertise and experiences in the cannabis industry make our marketing team eager to take on any product packaging design challenge at hand! Consider us your one-stop resource for the latest and most innovative packaging trends and ideas for your cannabis product or brand.

No matter the product or message your brand is aiming to put out into the legal market, our agency is here to support your creative vision.

Check out our full creative portfolio of clients for whom we’ve helped design product packaging. Reach out to our team to get started on a creative project today!