Cannabis Creative Services

Why Custom Web Design & Development Matters

Our cannabis marketing agency is committed to human-first design. With mobile-ready, user-friendly, on-brand features, our in-house designers and developers keep your customers in mind to craft a beautiful website that keeps people on your site longer than any smoke session they’ve ever had. Every element from the wireframe to the final design is meant to pique your customers’ interest as they move through the sales funnel.


Benefits of Website Design & Development

Beautiful Design

Your website is the first handshake for your brand. We aim to make an impression on your customers by having our web development team work closely with professional graphic designers and build out custom, on-brand websites for your needs.

Hands-Off Process

Whether you’re a coding aficionado or allergic to HTML and CSS, we can guarantee an efficient, hands-off development process where you only have to make decisions about the important stuff – and leave the coding to our experts.


We believe that a website is a story. From our development and design teams to our copywriting and SEO teams, we ensure that your website is designed with user experience in mind so we can maximize conversions with every click.

CCG’s Web Design Capabilities


Using industry best practices, competitive analyses, and data-driven insights, our development team will create a custom strategy for your brand that aligns with your target customers and makes you stand out from the crowd.


With designated creative copywriters, we’ll create a unique brand voice for your business and implement it across all your website content so you can build a meaningful connection with your customers at all touchpoints.


Our teams collaborate across all stages of the design and development process to build out custom, engaging designs with our in-house design team.


Optimized for search engines and designed intuitively for mobile and desktop views, our expert in-house development team codes custom solutions that do not rely on themes or site builders.


With an entire team dedicated to your success, we have several layers of quality assurance to achieve an optimal user experience when it comes to your website.


We maintain professional oversight of your platform and hosting software. Our dedicated servers for our clients ensure top security, speed, and storage space.