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Why Email
Marketing Matters

Are you missing out on the magic of email? Let’s nip that right in the bud. Email marketing is the most powerful way to grow your brand affinity and build a fanbase of customers that are obsessed with your cannabis products. Our marketing team can give you start-to-end support to craft beautiful emails that communicate what you’re all about without the headache of doing it all manually.


Benefits of Email Marketing


Compared to other channels, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to build a meaningful relationship with your audience. There are no advertising fees, or excess printing and media space costs.


Your mailing list actively clicks the “Subscribe” button, which means they have already told you that they want to buy from you. In fact, according to HubSpot, 50% of people buy from marketing emails at least once per month.


Unlike many other marketing platforms, your email list is owned by you. In other words, as long as you use a cannabis-friendly email marketing platform, you can sell all the cannabis in the world to your customers.

CCG's Email Marketing Capabilities


There are a growing number of cannabis-friendly email marketing platforms out there. Our team can help you select the right email marketing platform for your business.


With our optimization and growth strategies, our team can help you stay out of the spam folder and maintain a list of high-quality leads, engaged subscribers, and loyal, repeat customers.


With custom-designed email templates from our graphic designers and strategists, we can help you create a seamless digital brand experience across all your marketing channels.


From brand messaging strategy to personality-driven copywriting skills, our content creators will create engaging emails at every touchpoint, from imagery and copy to strong calls to action.


Whether it’s a welcome series, an abandoned cart email, or something more custom to your brand, our email marketing professionals are skilled in email automation so you can set it and forget it.


Our team is data-driven and relies rigorously on campaign performance to improve future content performance. We’ll keep you up to date with detailed reporting and let you know what keeps your customers coming back for more.

Wanted to thank you and your team for the work the last few years. You really helped us grow and I’m very appreciative.

Ben ZachsFine Fettle

I feel like I’m getting so much value for my dollar, your team has been amazing to work with and we are definitely moving in the direction with the brand that I want to move in. I am definitely a happy customer and I would refer your team to anyone, anytime.

Sarah BrandonDoctor of Veterinary Medicine, CEO,
Canna Companion

Working with the CCG team has been an absolute pleasure. Their attention to detail and industry knowledge has allowed us to expand and grow our business on and offline. I always look forward to our bi-weekly calls!

Natalie BensonMarketing Associate,

Love, love, love, LOVE!! You guys are incredible! You didn’t miss a beat, you portrayed my story and brand so well!

Alissa NowakChief Executive Officer,
Lucky Green Ladies

We just want to start out by sending our gratitude to you. We’ve just had the best week of the year, and we are so appreciative of you guys and all the work you do. We couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you so much.

BFF Hemp Team

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is email marketing still effective?

    Yes! Email marketing is permission-based, personalized, easily measurable, and has the most significant engagement compared to other marketing tools.


    You don’t have hope your customers will find you (like with social media or organic search), instead, you know they already have interest, and you can nurture your relationship with them a lot more effectively, all of which makes a world of difference as a cannabis business.

  • Is it worth outsourcing my cannabis email marketing?

    A good email marketing plan is time-consuming. It requires expert designing, writing, testing, measuring, tweaking, and strategy to execute. To pour energy into this while running a cannabis business and being aware of all the shifting legislative changes can be too much for anyone.


    Outsourcing is the way to go if you want to truly commit to building meaningful relationships with your most ready-to-buy customers. At Cannabis Creative, we understand the importance of the email marketing arm of your digital content strategy. Our team has decades of combined experience and can help you establish an effective email marketing strategy, and then, execute it for you.

    Contact us to get started today!

  • When should I hire someone to help me with my email marketing?

    Whether you already have an established cannabis or CBD brand or you are looking to generate interest in a new business endeavor, email marketing is a fantastic tool to build brand awareness. Email campaigns are most effective when they are engaging, relevant, and timely.


    If you are missing out on opportunities because you don’t understand the ins and outs of email, that’s when you should start considering a team that doesn’t mind getting in the weeds of it for you.

  • What is the process like to work with you?

    When you’re ready to work with our team at Cannabis Creative, fill out our contact form to get in touch with our sales team. We’ll hop on a call with you ASAP to learn more about your brand and how we can make your vision a reality. Our sales team will help identify the package and services that best fit your goals and custom-scope a project for you.


    That’s when the fun stuff begins! After some housekeeping, you’ll meet with your dedicated team of account managers, strategists, and creatives to get the ball rolling on your cannabis email marketing project. Ready to get started?

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We create smokin’ good, award-winning brands.

Cannabis Creative Group is an award-winning full-service marketing agency that specializes in the cannabis and CBD industry. With decades of experience, our team has perfected regulation-informed, performance-based digital marketing strategies that help our clients stand out from the crowd.

Our team has been widely recognized in the industry for our work with high-end consumer and B2B brands. We offer website design & development, SEO, social media, email and SMS marketing, packaging design, branding, professional photography and more.

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