Cannabis Creative Group’s Secrets to Successful Cannabis Marketing Wins 2022 Hermes Creative Gold Award

Cannabis Creative is proud to announce that we’ve won the 2022 Hermes Creative Gold Award for Best Electronic Media with our Secrets to Successful Cannabis Marketing e-book. 

According to Hermes’ official website, the creative awards “honor the messengers and creators of the information revolution.” Winners are noted for their creativity and resourcefulness as the best of the best in the creative industry.

Although we are one of the country’s first cannabis marketing agencies, we began first as a team of creative professionals, and we are honored to be recognized for our work in the creative field, beyond the cannabis industry.

When we started Cannabis Creative in 2017, we quickly became a go-to resource for our clients across the country. From navigating restrictive marketing regulations and ever-changing legislation to keeping up with trends in digital advertising, social media, and more, we saw a true need for reliable education.

As our CEO and Co-Founder, Seth Worby, said: 

“We created this ebook because marketing cannabis requires education for cannabis business owners. At CCG, we find that many of our clients need a crash course in marketing regulations because it can be hard to understand what you can and cannot say and what channels these rules apply to.”

This top-rated e-book breaks down six key areas of cannabis marketing: branding, website design and development, search engine marketing, email and text marketing, and social media. 

However, the real value of Secrets to Successful Cannabis Marketing comes from all the insider information we share from our team:

  • Industry-specific data backed by our partners
  • Real-life case studies to see our tips in action
  • Behind-the-scenes processes of our client work
  • Advice from our team of marketing professionals
  • And more

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As the industry continues to boom, cannabis marketing is becoming more important than ever before. And although there are many moving pieces to a good marketing strategy, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult.

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