Cannabis Creative Services


Created for from-scratch businesses, we’ve got everything you need to launch your cannabis brand successfully and gain visibility online. Let us help you enter the industry with marketing strategies that will make the most immediate and long-term impact.


What our Package Includes


Stand out on shelves – real or virtual – by establishing your brand identity. From designing a unique logo to establishing distinctive brand standards, we’ll help you create a memorable cannabis brand.


The homebase of your brand operations, your website plays a vital role for both search engines and users. Get a tailor-made, aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-navigate, and mobile-responsive website – all handled seamlessly for you.


Our experts will craft a strategic presence for you on social media platforms and attract your audience organically using stunning visuals, clever copy, and more – all while growing your account, building community, and navigating the loopholes of marketing compliance guidelines.

Our Brand Launch Process


From market research and consumer behavior to competitive analyses and more, our team will set the stage for your new cannabis brand to stand out from the crowd using data-driven insights and our extensive marketing expertise.


Our award-winning team of brand designers, strategists, and copywriters will craft a compelling brand that captivates your target customers – from visuals to messaging, and beyond.


We’ll collaborate across teams to develop messaging that translates into your website copy and content to prioritize conversions and brand loyalty for your products.


Our design team will meticulously blend messaging elements with captivating visuals to weave a story across your website that captivates your customers, leaving them mesmerized, scrolling, and adding to cart.


Cannabis Creative’s development team takes the work of all our teams and incorporates everything into the code of your custom website, constructing it to be a user-friendly, mobile-ready platform for an enjoyable on-the-go experience.


Our social media specialists will work to get on Meta’s good side (as well as LinkedIn and X), ensuring your presence on social media platforms for the brand visibility and engaged community necessary to take off successfully.