Integrating luxury flavor and daily wellness practices, Kelia is a cannabis beverage brand formulating sophisticated and refreshing cannabis cordials.

Starting up as a women-owned cannabis brand in Massachusetts, Kelia was motivated by the concept of incorporating daily mindfulness and wellness practices into one's routine. This elevated beverage cannabis brand is creating a higher standard with its refreshing beverages – made by combining potent cannabis distillates and quality ingredients to create an invigorating and uplifting way of life. Between the assortment of elegantly blended flavors, each drink is made with either 5mg or 2.5mg of THC isolate and low-calorie, all-natural, quality-sourced ingredients.

Sarah Patel had a precise vision and inspirational story for Kelia before coming to us, and it was Cannabis Creative’s job to help her bring it to life. With a history of going against the negative stigma often portrayed with cannabis, Sarah wanted to bring cannabis mainstream. She wanted to create a product that would make both men and women feel like they’re getting a delicious and high-quality health drink that would leave them empowered and elevated – way beyond the average cannabis beverage.

Promote the motivation of everyday self-care rituals for cannabis consumers.

Kelia reached out to our marketing team looking for general help in all marketing elements – brand awareness, logo and branding design, social media management, product photography, and even increased traffic to their cannabis website. 

Our cannabis marketing team was up for the challenge of creating an overall branding identity and design that resembled the simplicity and luxury of their product. Additionally, Sarah and her team wanted a cannabis beverage packaging design that was not like most other products you’d see on shelves. While many major cannabis beverage brands had taken a more colorful, bright, and playful approach to their brand design, Kelia chose a more neutral, futuristic, classy and rich design perspective.

Kelia wanted to be known as the most mature, sleek and stylish cannabis-infused beverage packaging on the market. The goal was to go in the opposite direction of the common colorful packaging you see and find a look that would resonate with their target audience. Considering the background of this women-owned brand, Kelia’s customer reach includes active mothers, working women and devoted partners who are seeking a more natural and healthy approach to elevating daily routines and lifestyles.

They wanted a look that would push the boundaries of cannabis stereotypes and stigmas and, instead, present a sophisticated and healthier alternative.

When you have a beverage with such refreshingly delicious and rich flavor, the logo design should be timeless, simplistic and chic.

The brand voice is outlined to represent the artistry of cannabis infusions and maintain composure and class while being welcoming to all. 

Kelia’s logo was designed by our expert team to give that sophisticated and elevated feel without the colorful flashiness of other cannabis beverages. The final result is the brand’s name in a bold and clear font that echoes the simplicity of the product.

In addition to the general branding identity,  Kelia followed three slight logo design variations based on the product flavor options. The 3 different THC-infused non-carbonated beverages represent specific elements of daily wellness –  Watermelon/Coconut (hydration), Pineapple/Jalapeno (immunity) and Grapefruit/Ginger (digestion/metabolism). 

The overall branding for Kelia, followed by its various flavor and logo designs, created a cohesive look that adds sophistication and class to your typical cannabis drink.

After establishing a clean brand identity and logo design, Cannabis Creative assisted Kelia in product photography to capture the essence of each flavor offered.

Both our marketing strategists and the Kelia team understood the importance any branding photography would be to showcase the overall look, feel and flavor of Kelia’s cannabis beverages. 

Our photography team collaborated with Kelia to create a fun and engaging photoshoot. The goal was to capture a series of images that would tell the Kelia story in an attractive and approachable way to reach their targeted consumers.

The photography lighting for the photo shoot was meant to complement the simplicity of the product and packaging without compromising the sophisticated value and integrity of the brand. The strategy team wanted to establish a set of images that would highlight the many ways this healthy cannabis beverage can fit into daily lifestyle routines. 

Cannabis Creative’s photography team worked ahead of the scheduled shoot date to prepare all of the elements and equipment needed to make this creative vision come to life. At our Chicago office location, the team was able to get a variety of shots using our professional photography equipment, and then edited and incorporated this imagery into Kelia’s branding and key marketing strategy.

Each designated Kelia product was photographed in front of the main, all-natural ingredients used in each flavor – jalapeno and pineapple, watermelon coconut, and grapefruit ginger. Additionally, we incorporated a light background with home, gym, and office settings s to portray how and when the product can be enjoyed. 

Overall, the product photography shoot for Kelia acted as the cherry on top of a successful brand identity launch and marketing campaign. 

Cannabis Creative’s Senior Designer shared, “Working with Sarah has been excellent. She has a unique vision backed up by a quality product that brings the best out of our creative teams.” 

From start to finish, the entire creative process with Kelia was a collaborative, inspiring and energizing effort from all involved. Especially as a newer cannabis business, Kelia’s continuous relationship with CCG has exposed Sarah and her company to others in the industry, and has even formed connections for other elements of their operation.

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