About Us

Our Boston-based team has decades of experience in web design & development, SEO, SEM, branding, social media marketing and content strategy.

We have boosted exposure for clients in diverse industries both locally and nationally, and we can help cannabis-based businesses of all stripes, from cultivators to dispensaries to ancillary service providers, reach a broader market and succeed in this ever-expanding field.

Cannabis Creative Team

Weed like to be your best buds

Josefine Nowitz


Seth Worby


Kyle Martin

VP of Client Services

Dan Serard

Senior Business Development Executive

Eric Colantropo

Website Development Manager

Amy Brandt

Digital Mktg. Manager Social

Anandini Sekhar

Senior Account Manager

Tim Wedyt

Digital Mktg. Manager Search

Gladys Rivera


Oceanna O’Donnell

Senior Account Manager

Katelyn Boutin

Account Manager

Hayley Malloy

Technical Lead

Paige Seavey

Senior Partnerships Manager

Alex Ho

Web Developer

Jamieson Bernard

Web Developer

Seth Richtsmeier

SEO Specialist

Karen Ly

Assistant Digital Mktg. Manager

Kavya Sebastian

Content Marketing Associate

Sean Horrigan

PR Consultant

Becky Ankeny

Senior Graphic Designer

Mike Clark

Senior Graphic Designer

Mike Napolitan

Senior Graphic Designer

RJ Evans

Senior Graphic Designer

Zach McCarthy

Graphic Designer

Hannah Feldman

UI/UX Designer & Email Strategist

Lahari Tammer