Cannabis Creative Services

Why Print & Packaging Design Matters

Go in blazing with exceptional marketing collateral for your cannabis business. Assets like print and packaging are the first instance your customers get to see, feel, and experience your cannabis products. Our marketing team can create a range of custom designs for business cards, brochures, trade show posters, product menus, packaging, and more. Make sure your brand is in good hands.


Benefits of Print & Packaging Design


When you’re competing for attention on shelves and in displays, print and packaging design allows you to stand out in a distinct way. Everything from the visual design to the sensory experience contributes to the impression you make on your customers in-store.


Print and packaging design allow you to communicate your core values to the world in tangible ways. From sustainability to product quality, your collateral says a lot about how you walk the walk as a cannabis brand.

Increased Credibility

In addition to digital marketing, print and packaging have some of the most stringent and complex regulations when it comes to the cannabis industry. Following the rules successfully doesn’t just get you on the good side of state cannabis commissions, it also proves your legitimacy to your customers.

CCG's Print & Packaging Capabilities


Every state has varying packaging rules and regulations. While we are not lawyers, our team can direct you toward general steps and collaborate with your official compliance team to help you navigate the marketing minefields for your business.


We are a data-driven cannabis marketing agency, so we start with strategy first – always. Your dedicated success team will help craft a creative direction that aligns with your goals and vision.


We work with several professional industry designers to match you with someone that uniquely fits your cannabis brand style so you get a beautiful end product that you and your customers are obsessed with.


From brand strategists and graphic designers to packaging wizards and business development experts, our entire team is devoted to ensuring that your print collateral offers a compelling and unforgettable hands-on experience to your customers.


We know the importance of visualizing something as important as cannabis print and packaging design. Our team helps you ‘try before you buy’ with realistic, creative mock-ups of your collateral so you can envision your brand out in the world before you start up the manufacturing machines.


Our team offers start-to-finish support by helping conceptualize, design, and execute a prototype, including everything from material and design to copy, and even connecting you with the right manufacturing partners.