Lux Medi
Lux Medi

Brand Strategy for Premium Black-Owned CBD Wellness Brand

Lux Medi wanted to stand out in a saturated market.

Lux Medi Rx offers premium CBD bath and body products to illuminate your daily routine and improve your wellness. Each hemp-enriched product goes through extensive testing to meet premium standards of purity, potency, and quality. 

With high-caliber products, capable of providing beneficial health attributes for their customers, Lux Medi was positioned as a premium brand. However, in recent years, both CBD and wellness brands have become an essential part of daily life. The everyday luxuries of all-natural skincare, a soothing cup of tea, a warm bath are no longer unique offers.

Becoming a pillar of these industries comes down to a powerful brand experience that goes beyond the product suite. Lux Medi came to the Cannabis Creative team to craft a unique brand that was centered around the diverse culture and rituals of the business.

Cannabis Creative helped craft a thoughtful and inclusive premium CBD brand

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, it is only useful if they are the right words. A well-designed visual brand starts with an intentional and holistic brand strategy.

Our professional brand strategists conducted extensive intake through client interviews and competitive research to uncover what differentiates Lux Medi from the competition.

The development of this brand was essential to consistently deliver the right brand message across other design elements. Our team of designers developed a high-end, authentic brand suite of logos, icons, typography, and textures to consistently deliver across different product lines and marketing avenues. 

With the in-depth exploration of the team and brand values, our designers created a logo that embraced inclusive wellness. We created a logo that would work on a variety of packaging sizes, such as teas, tinctures, bath bombs, and more.

Cannabis Creative evolved the brand to establish new brand standards that would resonate at every customer touchpoint, from print collateral to packaging to website design.

Mapping our clear brand guidelines established how Lux Medi is set apart from its competitors and set the foundation for a long-standing relationship with its customers. 

Bringing Lux Medi’s branding to life

With gender-neutral elements and modern design concepts, we crafted a custom brand that incorporated Lux Medi’s brand identity, values, and mission into a logo.

The new brand reflected this visually with a color palette based on soft colors, cool and warm, with a base of navy blue. Our designers channeled natural imagery, such as a sunset over a hazy mountain range or glistening ocean.

The ombre gradients represented the transition of day to night rituals, capturing the range of bath and body products. The hexagonal logo shape, paired with clean, modern, linear graphics, and sans serif typography create a feeling of relaxation, health, sophistication, and beauty.
Based on the ancient science of sacred geometry, Lux Medi Rx’s logo icon was created from a grid of interlocking triangles representing feminine, masculine, and everything in between. From the technical design elements to the overall feel of the brand, we created a visual identity that welcomed the dualities of nature.
The resulting icons were reminiscent of a traditional mortar and pestle, cradling leaves, embracing natural symmetry and the sacredness of rituals.
Overall, the comprehensive brand strategy process done by our Cannabis Creative team allowed for Lux Medi to confidently embrace its unique power and become a standout in the CBD Wellness space across channels.”

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