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Why Dispensary SEO Matters

Getting your customers to “add to cart” is a lot easier when you can actually rank for the items on your menu. With our native dispensary menu solutions, you can leverage your unique brand along with some smokin’ good SEO benefits.


Benefits of Native E-Commerce Dispensary Menus

SEO Value

Let your customers actually find the products in your store. With a native e-commerce solution, every product, brand, and category will be easy for your customers to find on search engines like Google.

Revenue Tracking

Ditch the haze around your revenue drivers. Get unrestricted access to your dispensary menu traffic, allowing comprehensive tracking of analytics and purchasing trends.

Increased Sales

With a more visible menu and easy navigation that suits your brand, customers are more likely to explore products, make informed purchasing decisions, and complete transactions, ultimately boosting overall sales.

CCG’s Cannabis Native Dispensary Menu Capabilities


Our native e-commerce menu includes rapid page development features, schema, and improved e-commerce solutions to maximize your online cannabis ordering system.


Say goodbye to the alphabet soup in your URL. Get well-structured, readable, and optimized links for both search engines and users to naturally boost your website’s SEO performance.


Cut out the middleman third-parties for faster loading and seamless navigation within your dispensary menu page.


Without an e-commerce plugin, you get full, ungated access to your dispensary menu traffic. Track analytics, buying patterns, and more for better customer service and business strategy.


Why spend so much time on a stunning brand when you can’t even implement it where it matters most? With a native menu solution, you can match the look and feel of your dispensary to the website menu.


You’re in control across the board with a native menu. More custom design capabilities mean your native dispensary menu will look even better on mobile devices.