Hennep: Bringing #BigCannabisEnergy to Provincetown, MA and Beyond

Hennep wanted to create a brand for their community. This Provincetown-based dispensary came to us to craft a brand experience that cut out the noise of all their competitors. The lively boutique retailer had the unique advantage of being more in touch with the local community.

In their own words, “We believe that our strength is that we are very familiar with Provincetown…We want our customers to walk out feeling like their purchase experience was unlike the others in Provincetown.”

Hennep wanted to embrace the P-Town culture while being inclusive to all.

With the advantage of knowing the local community well, the Hennep team was confident they could create a captivating customer experience, but they didn’t want to limit themselves.

They felt stuck on how to create a brand that was unique to Provincetown (“P-Town”) – progressive, conversational, familiar – without alienating any out-of-towners. Keeping this in mind, that meant they needed a brand voice and visual that bridged the gap between P-Town locals and tourists.

This involved designing a brand identity that is inclusive and welcoming and then marketing the launch appropriately to grow leads from scratch to emphasize their community strength.

Cannabis Creative helped Hennep craft a witty brand personality that helped them stand out from the crowd.

Our team started at the bottom: brand strategy. From the visual identity to the voice and personality characteristics of the brand, Cannabis Creative took a deep dive into what it meant to be a P-Town local. 

From demographics to psychographics, our team of designers and copywriters established the Hennep brand. We went with bright visuals: a distinct green and orange to stand out on marketing materials. 

With the visuals established, the Cannabis Creative team went on to design print materials, such as business cards, letterhead, and brochure designs.

To go along with it, we crafted brand voice guidelines to maintain a unique yet consistent voice across channels. 

Our team was intentional about how the Hennep target audience should feel when introduced to their visual and non-visual brand. The copywriting team considered the visual brand assets, such as mood boards, logos, and color palettes to help establish the ‘vibe’ of the Hennep brand and turn that into concrete guidelines for copy.

After observing the common themes across the Hennep visuals, we created guidelines on how to write content that was lively, imaginative, and friendly. These descriptors served as the basis of some of the creative copy used on the homepage of the website, including: Big Cannabis Energy.

With a crystal clear understanding of both the visual and characteristics of the brand, our development team moved into the website phase of the project. 

We launched an effective website built for growth and scalability.

This phase prioritized creating an interesting, unique, and very well organized site that was easy and fun for customers to navigate. Cannabis Creative implemented user-first design across the site, including both desktop and mobile versions.

Combined with the content creation that adhered to the brand voice guidelines, we were able to set up their website with several conversion points that were specific to attracting Hennep’s unique audience. This included a Careers page to grow their internal team, a contact form to address any questions or customer requests, an integrated menu for easy browsing and checkout, well- thought out newsletter signup call-outs throughout the site to grow their email list, and social media highlights to help grow their following.

Dispensary advertising that drove hundreds of leads.

After the website launched in April 2021, we began Google pay-per-click (PPC) ads in September. The Cannabis Creative search team set up custom Google Analytics reports to monitor website traffic, page activity, and lead generation for the Hennep team.

Through this effort, we were able to help Hennep target P-Town and the surrounding Cape Cod areas, allowing their business to show up in front of their target audience, and rank quickly for dispensary search terms.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Sam & Kyle for (over?) 2 years now! As a company, we’ve evolved a lot over the past few years and CCG has been integral through the whole process. Everything is streamlined, transparent, and high quality. It has and continues to be a great partnership!

Natalie Benson
Hennep Brand Manager

Email Marketing

Combined with our email marketing campaigns starting in November of 2021, we helped Hennep follow up with the hundreds of new leads they generated through the PPC campaigns to stay engaged and continue building strong relationships with their audience.

Our team of copywriters worked with our email marketing team to set up a welcome series to nurture new leads as well as an ongoing newsletter that featured product highlights, recipes, employee spotlights, holiday food drives, and more.

Hennep’s emails received an average open rate of 31%, 10 percentage points higher than the average for all industry email open rates.

Overall, Cannabis Creative was able to leverage Hennep’s unique advantage of their intimate customer base knowledge to craft an unforgettable brand. From designing a captivating visual brand and personality to developing an on-brand, user-first website with PPC and email marketing campaigns, we were able to help Hennep launch their dispensary with a remarkable brand experience through our thoughtful marketing efforts.

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