Bringing new business to Plantabis


Plantabis is a high-end dispensary in New Jersey that was searching for marketing expertise and support in preparation for the store’s grand opening.

This new cannabis business reached out to our marketing agency with interest in our Dispensary Launch package – eager for marketing support and strategy in a full-fledged marketing plan that included branding and website design, development, social media management, email marketing, and ongoing SEO optimization.

Once this collaboration started, our marketing team was ready to create and assemble a marketing strategy to achieve Plantabis' main objective - launching the product successfully and maintaining growth by implementing strategic initiatives that utilize a comprehensive marketing approach.

Starting with a Fresh Canvas & Passionate Core Values

As a new social-equity licensed dispensary in Rahway, New Jersey, Plantabis wanted their store to be a high-quality customer experience. A local NJ dispensary that was different from the larger MSOs in the area, where customers are known to wait a long time for a less personalized shopping experience.

The company’s mission is to be a go-to cannabis brand that people can trust. With an eye for high style, Plantabis believes that highlighting cannabis and its benefits through art and culture helps shift the stigmas that surround the industry.

To launch the dispensary and celebrate its grand opening, Plantabis needed a brand new website. Our web development team designed a website layout with a high-end user experience that showcased their core values.

The brand’s values are really focused on diversity & inclusion – the owner is a minority woman and felt passionately about creating a space that is accessible to all. This dispensary has heartfelt plans to give back to their local community, organizing donations and educational events in the Rahway, NJ community. These unique value propositions about Plantabis were incorporated into the brand’s marketing strategy and messaging, seamlessly aligning with the website design, social media, SEO, and email marketing strategies executed in the marketing plan.

A Marketing Master Plan

The overarching goal of this dispensary launch project was to curate an inclusive consumer experience through cannabis digital advertising while creating valuable content that builds brand awareness and customer loyalty.

To align with the grand opening of their new dispensary, our agency’s marketing plan for Plantabis was broken up into multiple vital initiatives.

First, our SWOT analysis identified their business strengths as being a woman, minority-owned business and leadership, elevated branding, commitment to quality products, and drive-through service. These details were leveraged into their overall branding tone and voice.

The first marketing initiative we recommended involved Google Advertising to establish brand awareness and lead capture.

  • • Building an email list is the best way to capture potential customers for long-term success while increasing organic website traffic and brand awareness by getting ads in front of the right target audience.
  • • These initial marketing efforts help drive potential customers to the dispensary website to increase direct online orders and in-store visits.

The second marketing initiative involved building a customer loyalty platform with SEO optimization and ongoing website management.

  • • This initiative connects new and recurring customers through automated email marketing campaigns tailored to the user’s shopping experience.
  • • These contributions will help establish Plantabis as a trusted source for cannabis products and information in New Jersey.

The third initiative we recommended included social media marketing for brand engagement and education to foster a growing cannabis community. The goal was to drive more follower interactions and mentions to funnel website visits and sales.

  • • Increased follower growth on Plantabis’ social media platforms reflected an engaged online community. This engagement rate was measured through social media likes, comments, and shares.
  • • Through these social media channels, the client saw increased website referral traffic.

As the fourth initiative, our SEO team established an ongoing optimization strategy for the website.

  • • Keyword research and a thorough competitor analysis helped to improve the website’s ranking and increase organic traffic.
  • • The dispensary’s native e-commerce menu and Google My Business page provided more opportunities for these keyword rankings and optimizations, increasing organic conversions.
  • • A content matrix and three initial blogs were written and published on the Plantabis website to establish the brand voice and promote consumer education too.

Get Inspired with our Dispensary Launch Package

With the goal of quality, originality, and unparalleled customer experience, Cannabis Creative proudly worked to set up Plantabis for success in its dispensary launch. Our agency assisted with their overall marketing efforts, including website design and development, branding, social media assets, email marketing initiatives, and SEO strategy, that helped elevate and establish Plantabis as one of the leading cannabis dispensaries in New Jersey.

By combining the dispensary’s existing strengths and core brand values with strategic initiatives, our marketing plan for this Dispensary Launch client produced a fully optimized website and brand awareness – one that was then funneled into multiple marketing channels and campaigns.

Learn more about our agency’s Dispensary Launch package, and contact our team to get your creative juices flowing today!