Cannabis Creative Services

Why Text Message Marketing Matters

What better way to reach consumers glued to their phones than by sending them a text? Ping your customers with strategic SMS campaigns that are fully automated and highly effective to increase sales and brand loyalty.


Benefits of Text Message Marketing

Drive sales

When done right, a single SMS campaign can bring in thousands of dollars in sales. Promote products and drive sales for your customers to shop anywhere while they’re on the go.

Engage with your audience

The average open rate for text message marketing is 98% which means your SMS audience is easy to reach. Reach out to them directly and get feedback, send deals, and more.

Drive traffic

Generate quick, in-store and online traffic for your most active customers to influence their buying patterns right at their fingertips.

CCG’s Cannabis Text Message Marketing Capabilities


With extensive specialized knowledge in the cannabis industry, our team will craft an in-depth strategy to inform your SMS campaigns to help you reach your most important business goals.


There are endless possibilities to the promotions you can send out via text message. With sufficient planning, our team can help you send out time-sensitive offers, location-based promotions, reminders and alerts, personalized campaigns, and more.


A good marketing strategy is about more than just deals and specials. Our team will create a custom, strategy-driven content matrix for you to help guide your efforts with engaging content ideas.


From capturing, segmenting, and nurturing your leads, we can help you build a meaningful relationship with your loyal customers and encourage action to drive traffic and sales for your business.


Have multiple retail locations? Not to worry. Our Cannabis Creative team can help you craft SMS campaigns that align with each of your locations so all your customers can get access to the best deals in their area.


Create personalized messages to your audience through advanced segmentation based on your subscribers’ demographics, interests, preferences, past behavior, and other relevant criteria.