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Dan Serard

He/himDirector of Business Development

Dan Serard

He/himDirector of Business DevelopmentDan Serard

Dan Serard is Co-Chair of Education and Content for the National Cannabis Industry Association. He also is an official member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council. Dan joined the team in  2018. With years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Dan’s background as a business development professional complements his interest in the innovating world of cannabis. Before joining CCG, Dan managed multiple health clubs in downtown Boston and in Santa Monica, California, where his focus on business development shed new light on the concept of corporate wellness. He’s also embraced sales roles in the biotech and software industries for numerous start-up companies. Dan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation Management and Policy with a focus in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire. Today, when he’s not in the office, Dan can most likely be found outside – his passions include hiking, snowboarding, fishing, camping, traveling, and playing basketball, to name a few.


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