EO Care

EO Care was a new brand that wanted strong social media recognition and strategy to match its core values of compassion and care for cannabis patients.

EO Care understands how the importance of an ongoing partnership with your physician or medical professional can help you enjoy cannabis more safely and effectively. 


Backed by a committed team of clinical experts, EO Care offers a new approach to care, with the right ingredients. They analyze each patient’s health history and generate a care plan tailored to specific patient needs and the proper cannabis products recommended in the area. 

A strong brand introductory and social media presence

Our digital marketing agency was immediately eager to take on the challenge of this brand’s social media strategy. As a new business, EO Care came to the Cannabis Creative agency to build a strong brand recognition and social media management strategy. 

Through our cannabis brand identity consulting and branding strategy services, we were able to research and prepare a detailed social media strategy that analyzed their competitors and how EO Care can stand out in the industry.

Cannabis Brand Development

As a completely new business, our cannabis branding agency was met with a fresh approach to how to showcase EO Care and its unique cannabis services.

Through our cannabis branding development, our team was able to accurately summarize the strong origin story and passionate beliefs of EO Care and build a brand voice that was intelligent, sincere, and tenacious.

With a warm and welcoming brand identity that echoed the passion and care this company provides to its patients, our cannabis branding agency put together a fresh and comforting visual brand identity to match their voice. Through mood boards and a variety of color palettes, our branding team was able to narrow down a sophisticated brand identity and graphic assets that resembled the compassion of the company.

Social Media Management

With strict business regulations and as a form of medical service, the challenge at hand was educating their targeted patients in a clear, modern look without strong cannabis imagery that could go against any social media guidelines.


As a new business, the EO Care team was looking at our digital agency for assistance with cannabis social media management services. After extensive research and social strategy build-out, our social media team was able to gain great brand awareness and really nail down who their competitors were in the space.

Our social media team also put together an extensive hashtag strategy that would help promote this new brand without flagging the account or putting them at risk against any strict social media cannabis policies.


Through our analytical efforts and strategy, Cannabis Creative helped EO Care not only to gain exceptional cannabis brand recognition and identity on social media, but to establish a community-driven brand.

Building a Community of Compassion and Care Through Cannabis Brand Identity and Social Media Management

Overall, the empowering care and passion the team at EO Care has for their cannabis service are what inspired Cannabis Creative to provide a strong brand identity that resonated with these values.
By building a clear and sophisticated cannabis brand identity, our digital agency provided extensive social media strategy and research to bring awareness and education to their patients.

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