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Clebby’s brings baked goods to a whole new level. Learn how we worked with this cannabis-infused baking mix on cannabis brand identity and packaging design.

It all started with the inspiration to elevate a classic dessert recipe.

Clebby’s brings fresh baked cannabis goods to a whole new level. Their line of cannabis-infused brownie and cookie baking mixes allows you to freshly prepare and bake infused ingredients right in your kitchen. With the artistry of innovation and infusion on her side, Clebby’s CEO Sabrina Clebnik has worked nonstop to perfect the ultimate cannabis-formulated baking mix. The brand reached out to our cannabis marketing agency for expert and collaborative services in art, packaging, and design to create an overall brand identity that echoes the flavorful inspiration of Clebby’s.

At the 2022 New Venture Competition, Sabrina Clebnik was awarded first place for her creative concept of a baking mix infused with cannabis.

From there, she catapulted into launching an entire brand ofcannabis-infused products. Her delicious line of baking mixes – from brownies, lemon pound cake, and chocolate chip cookies – come with cannabis-infused vegetable oil so you can simply whip up your favorite cannabis-baked goods right in your home. 

With her prestigious award and innovative cannabis start-up idea, she had it all – what was left was a brand identity and product design to roll it out.

Creating a brand identity that changes the landscape of cannabis products and invites a playfully potent and highly delicious cannabis experience right in your kitchen.

With Clebby’s being one of the first cannabis edible products of its kind, the challenge began in creating a cannabis brand messaging that represented a playful style and tone while still complying with strict cannabis labeling and packaging regulations for the product. Through a series of mood boarding, our design team established a friendly, vintage feel to the brownie mix brand. We gathered a series of colors, fonts, and logos for Sabrina to choose from for Clebby’s brand identity before heading into the packaging design.

The overall brand identity was designed to be animated, friendly, and supportive of cannabis consumers and provide them with unmatched products and experiences. Clebby’s was made to make cannabis baking simple, fun, and consistent – and our agency worked to make the brand identity just that. 

Connecting our cannabis compliance experience for a cozy and supportive product packaging design.

With an influx of cannabis-infused foods and edibles in today’s market, it can be easy to overlook beyond your sugary gummies or savory THC beverage. That’s why our marketing team knew we needed to create a packaging design that would not only represent the fun brand message of Clebby’s but would pop and grab the attention of dispensary shoppers.


Another unique obstacle with this client was the fact that this cannabis-infused baking mix was the first of its kind on the market. There weren’t many similar products to compare or model after, and both our agency and Sabrina had to navigate the uncertainty of specific cannabis packaging guidelines.
Each package design mockup created for Clebby’s took into consideration the specific verbiage that is required for the legal cannabis market in Massachusetts. The baking mix product had to be classified as a “tincture” due to legal restraints within dosages. This raised other questions for our packaging design team – do we label how much THC per brownie? Per box? How do we express cutting the brownies so they are all a uniform dosage?

By combining an innovative cannabis product idea, a welcoming brand identity, and a friendly cannabis packaging design, Clebby’s baking mix products promote the simplicity of getting baked and baking.

In collaborating our creative efforts with Sabrina and Clebby’s team, we were able to create an inviting, friendly, colorful and compliant brand that represents their tagline, “Made by us. Baked by you.”

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