Most Innovative Cannabis Products of 2023

Since California became the first state to legalize cannabis in 1996, innovation and inspiration have catapulted a budding industry into a highly successful emerging market.

Fast forward a couple of decades and legalized states have been filled with brands and companies that are continuing to market new and exciting ideas around cannabis consumption.

The key to many of these successful cannabis products and brands we see on the market is functionality. Cannabis consumers want products they can use to incorporate and enhance their everyday life and situations – from sleep, mood, and appetite, to the various pain and therapeutic benefits.

Today, there are a great number of products that are breaking the normal standards of cannabis products on the market.

Not Your Traditional Cannabis Edibles

While various industry market trends have shifted each year, you’ll often notice brands utilizing the therapeutic connection to cannabis as part of their product’s marketing strategy.

The most innovative products in the legal cannabis market are geared toward improving the consumer’s well-being. Specific products are formulated to help with sleep, alleviation of stress or pain, boost energy, and so on.

Recent market research discovered that 70% of consumers currently buy intentional food products for specific functional benefits that will support their mental and physical well-being. During the height of the pandemic, 45% of consumers opted for cannabis-related products over alcohol.

We’re noticing a lot of the more innovative, out-of-the-box cannabis products on the market are food and beverage related. They’re products infused with various dosages of cannabinoids or cannabis intended to fit into the various social lifestyle of consumers.

Even breweries around the country are shifting their infrastructure and operation to be directed toward THC and cannabinoid-infused adult beverages. As these beverages continue growing and trending in this industry, brewers and business owners are playing with the familiarities of cannabis and hops, the key ingredient in beer.

As a consumer, the result is endless options for innovative cannabis products designed to socialize, elevate, or enhance various effects.

Cannabis Creative’s Favorite Innovative Cannabis Products of 2023

The twist in culinary cuisine and cannabis is constantly changing, turning a new and exciting corner. Our team at Cannabis Creative is always eager to learn and collaborate with new edible and innovative cannabis products in the industry!

Here are a few brands that are breaking ground this year with their deliciously-infused cannabis products:

  • Cloud Creamery

    Going far beyond the days of pot brownies and cookies, there’s one cannabis brand that is defying the expectations of cannabis edibles! Cloud Creamery is a cannabis-infused ice cream available throughout dispensaries in Massachusetts.

    Infused with full-spectrum cannabis extracts, Cloud Creamery ice cream comes in a variety of deliciously crafted sorbet and ice cream flavors.

    CEO and Founder of Cloud Creamery, David Yusefzadeh, said the brand was inspired to make edibles with local products to help push the industry forward in its consumption and attract a wider audience of consumers.

    “That’s what we’re trying to bring, the food, the chef’s side of things. There’s no food experience. It’s just a transactional pop a gummy and go on your way,” he said. “We’re going to try to bring in some really fresh exciting things that not only get the customers excited but the budtenders and dispensary owners, too.”

  • Clebby’s

    Recently, our digital marketing team has had the chance to work with this new client on brand identity and design – and sure enough, the entire creative process was a blast!

    Clebby’s brings fresh baked cannabis goods to a whole new level. Their line of cannabis-infused baking mixes allows you to freshly prepare and bake infused ingredients right in your kitchen.

    With crafted pre-made baking mixes like triple chocolate brownies, lemon pound cake, and chocolate chip cookies, this cannabis baking mix is reshaping the expectations and cravings around cannabis baked goods.

    Since the high idea came to Clebby’s CEO Sabrina Clebnik years ago, she’s worked nonstop to perfect the ultimate cannabis-formulated baking mix product. Earlier this year, she was nominated “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” by the New England Cannabis Community Awards.

  • CANN

    When it comes to cannabis-infused beverages, there is a plethora of flavors, varieties, and doses available on the market. CANN is one of those cannabis-infused seltzers that have originally redefined the social tonic – their flavored THC and CBD seltzers are formulated for the highly social without the alcohol hangover.

    With award-winning blends crafted with natural ingredients, each CANN tonic flavor is inspired by the sophistication of a cocktail. It gives a bubbly, uplifting feel without the booze. Nano-emulsion infusion technology allows the microdosed cannabis effects of CANN to set in within 10-15 minutes.

    Last year at the TeeHC Open event hosted by Cannabis Creative, golf players and event attendees enjoyed the refreshing flavors of microdosed CANN seltzers throughout the day.

  • Vibations

    This cannabis-infused drink mix brings on strong vibrations in every sip. Vibations High + Energy drink mix is the ultimate natural caffeine source powered by plants.

    Formulated with guarana caffeine, full-spectrum cannabis, and superfood vitamins – this cannabis drink mix is easy to dissolve and comes in bright and friendly innovative branding and packaging. Magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B6 & D3 in each mix help to increase brain and muscle function, while electrolytes keep you hydrated. Each blended flavored mix is precisely measured in 5mg doses of THC and CBD for a subtly energizing high.

    Between the highly vibrant branding design and efficiently simple way to consume, Vibations High + Energy is elevating the connection between cannabis and energy.

Intersecting Cannabis & Creativity with Our Digital Marketing Services

Between the accumulation of exciting new product ideas and innovative emulsion extraction technology, it seems as if any food or beverage can be cannabis-infused!

As this infused beverage and food trend continues, our digital marketing agency is looking forward to seeing what innovative product is next on the market.

Whether you have an innovative idea you’re ready to build from scratch or are in the final stages of promoting the latest new product, let our wide array of marketing services and industry expertise help your innovation come to life!

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