Hero Dose

Inside your mind is a whole world of possibilities, and mind-altering substances can help us explore them. Hero Dose is a Colorado-based  lifestyle brand that aims to represent these altered states of consciousness and the creative imagery they inspire. Founded by self-described psychonauts, the company partners with contemporary artists to create psychedelic apparel and NFTs with a modern spin.

The client came to Cannabis Creative at the beginning stages of building their brand. So, first things first: they needed a company name, accompanied by a website and brand standards that would set them apart and display their unique aesthetic. It was also important that imagery reflected their key messaging, “Bridging the gap between mind and matter.” Through our work with the client, it became clear that they were drawn to cosmic and psychedelic visuals, as well as the street fashion that inspires their T-shirts.

After we assisted with the naming process, the client decided on their team’s idea of Hero Dose. We got to work on their brand elements, which included variations of their logo with a toad and a pinecone (images that would resonate with psychonauts), solid bold fonts, and dark backgrounds highlighted by neon shades of purple and blue.

Otherworldly web design and functionality

Hero Dose needed a website that would visually stand out from the crowd, but also have advanced functionality related to displaying and selling their merchandise.


Using their newly established brand standards, our team built an eye-catching website featuring bright pops of color over a cosmic, night sky background. In the footer, we incorporated a video element with an abstract purple design.


As for functionality, we connected their NFT page to the new website and featured designs that would be “coming soon.” After initial planning with the client, we integrated shipping and payment options for purchases, including cryptocurrency auction traffic for NFTs, ensuring that their ecommerce site was optimized for desktop and mobile use.


Our team reviewed and/or contributed to all content on the Hero Dose website, incorporating keywords for SEO. In addition to collaborating on blog content, we optimized each blog to boost organic rankings, adding title tags, meta descriptions and alternative text, and linking to any third-party authors’ sites. We also created and verified a Google Business Profile for the brand so they can be found via Google searches.

Social media for psychonauts

To help the client better market their brand, we built a foundation for their new social media presence, creating Hero Dose accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our team designed images and crafted posts that were consistent with their brand standards.

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