Canna Companion Redefines Ethical Business

Canna Companion wanted to stand out from the noise.

This veterinarian-owned and operated CBD brand for pets spent over 20 years conducting first-hand research of over 10,000 companion animals to formulate the most reliable CBD pet supplement on the market.

With this type of diligence, it’s no surprise that this brand wanted to leave a mark in the pet CBD space by slowing down and leading with purpose. From compliance and sustainability to diversity and inclusion, Canna Companion wanted to share its commitment to building an ethical business.

Canna Companion came to Cannabis Creative to amplify its message – the right way.

To truly share the impact of their CBD supplements and business practices, Canna Companion’s marketing efforts not only needed to align with their values but also be strategic to get in front of more customers.

When creating content for a pet CBD brand, compliance can feel like a minefield. With a background in veterinary science, the Canna Companion team knew clearly what they could not say, but they struggled to find the right way to communicate the value of their brand to their audience.

At the same time, science-heavy information can get lost on a potential customer. While basics are important, the inner workings and nuances of a pet’s body might be too much for a pet parent looking to help their dog or cat simply feel better.

Ultimately, the Canna Companion team came to us to create awareness around their brand while remaining compliant with the complex rules and regulations of the veterinary industry. Additionally, they wanted to update their website to showcase all this messaging in a clear and thoughtful way.


Cannabis Creative took a value-based approach to the marketing strategy.

Although Canna Companion’s product audience is companion animals, such as dogs and cats, its target audience is made up of pet parents (the buyers). This made the human-pet bond a focal point of the brand and its value proposition.

As a result, the Cannabis Creative team centered its marketing strategy around the values Canna Companion put above all: patient care, sustainability, and inclusion.

By taking a value-based approach, we were able to accelerate brand loyalty. Concerned pet parents became drawn to Canna Companion for its values and what the brand stood for, cultivating a deep loyalty and respect before anything else. Then, when we mentioned the product, the customers were already comfortable with the brand.

The Cannabis Creative team accomplished this through organic blog content, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

Since advertising in the CBD space can be extremely competitive (and expensive), building up Canna Companion’s rankings through SEO tactics allowed us to widen the client’s reach and establish authority through organic methods.


Our search and content team started with the basics by optimizing Canna Companion’s entire site for SEO and improved user experience. We then focused on pushing out valuable thought leadership content with some educational blogs.


The main goal of this content was to educate pet owners and increase trust in the brand. Our writers did this by creatively navigating the rigid language restrictions around compliance – on both the veterinary and cannabis fronts – while also focusing on frequently asked questions posed by pet parents.


We then carried over this strategy into email marketing, with the added layer of a sales focus. The Canna Companion team had previously been conservative with their sales and pricing strategies out of hesitation for being too pushy with their audience. Our team was able to educate them on best practices for sales and promotions, and work towards an approach that the Canna Companion team felt comfortable with.


However, with the new value-based approach, the Cannabis Creative team was able to restructure email as a more strategic platform – without pushing sales aggressively.
Our email marketing team implemented automation and sequences in order to nurture subscribers. Through campaigns such as a welcome series, a post-purchase automation series, abandoned cart emails, and more, we were able to substantially increase how “ready” customers felt to purchase from Canna Companion.


Combined with educational content and cross-promoting the blog, we crafted a content strategy that ultimately led to increased website traffic and tangible revenue. In fact, email alone brought in 6% of the client’s revenue in 2021.


With an established online content strategy bringing in qualified traffic, we decided to translate the value-based approach into the design of the Canna Companion website.


Diversity and inclusion are pillars of the brand. From showcasing diversity with the types of people and animals featured in images to the inclusivity of accessibility, and more, our web development team focused on emphasizing user experience.


The new site was updated to use more diverse images representing a range of identities across pets and pet owners and install a web accessibility tool that made the site easy to navigate for people with visual disabilities or screen readers.


In addition to UX-based changes, our teams worked together to seamlessly blend all updates and strategies across channels.

For instance, we set up automated sequences to check in on customers that purchased a product to ask for reviews or offer complimentary consultations. We also set up promotional campaigns around discounts that also incorporated blog content and further established the relationship between pet parents and Canna Companion.

Overall, Cannabis Creative’s search, content, email, and website design teams collaborated efficiently to help Canna Companion redefine ethical business in the pet CBD space.

They are proof that small businesses can in fact pursue sustainable practices, have progressive policies, and greatly limit their impact on the planet – all while scaling their impact through increased website traffic and sales.

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