CBD Packaging Design and Regulations

Every industry that is part of the whole CBD charade is jumping right into it. From skincare to medical, wellness, and even women’s health has something they can use extracted from the novel hemp plant. Known as the green gold, CBD and its products are taking a seat with the big boys.

But ranking high attracts stringent rules, and most of them fall on CBD design and packaging.

Reasons why there are CBD Design and Packaging Rules

  • Most states are still very skeptical about using the hemp plant’s products, and tight guidelines give it some form of control.
  • Regulation is not crystal clear, as most of the studies on CBD usages are still in their infancy. Though what we have is definitive, more results are needed.
  • To avoid markets flooding with counterfeits, governments put up guidelines so that only the legit companies that meet the criteria can be featured.

What are the Current CBD Design and Packaging Rules?

CBD oil

Any company that wishes to have CBD products in their line must have the following info on their containers:

An identity statement

This is the statement that tells the consumer what the product does. Examples of an identity tagline are like “this product is a pain-reliever,” ” CBD for sleep,” “CBD for anxiety,” or “to be used for massaging swellings post-workout.”

The net quantity of the product

The net quantity is the CBD product volume in any unit of measurement—grams, ounces, or milliliters.

The elements used in the blend

This is the part that should include all the ingredients used in the making of the cannabidiol product. Ideally, the best formula is in descending order starting with the highest volume and finishing with the least. The CBD type is also listed on this CBD design part – isolate, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum.

Information on the manufacturer

The responsibility statement includes all the producer’s information like the company’s name, address, email address, and phone number. This is the information that a client can use to contact the manufacturer in case of anything.

The nutritional breakdown

This is also called the nutritional label and can sometimes be referred to as the supplement label if the cannabidiol product is a supplement. It contains the brief benefits of the materials used in production.

You can control the dosage using CBD tincture by either increasing or decreasing the drops you take.

Potency, bioavailability, and the active CBD ingredients

Potency helps the consumer understand how much CBD is safe taking to achieve the best results. The bioavailability informs on how much is absorbed into the system and the time frame.

The active ingredients are simply what will work in your body after usage. For example, hemp cigarettes must have this information to tell you if the joints have any trace of THC, and in what percentage.

Products such as CBD gummies have clearly stipulated labels that indicate the potency, active ingredients, and potency.

Do These Rules Affect all CBD Products?

Yes, they do. As long as they have the word CBD on the ingredient list, the regulations must be followed. All CBD shop designs must adhere to these rules or risk being fined heavily by law.

You must be keen on these rules as they may vary state to state, and since studies on the hemp plant are still ongoing, some might change in time. That said, as a CBD business owner, you must stay updated and be first in line to know of any changes.

Note to the Consumer

All cannabidiol products on shelves with the FDA approval certification have regulations for the consumer. Anything lacking is not. And these are the ones you must keep away from. In case anything happens, you will have no one to blame but yourself. It is better safe than sorry.


We hope you are aware that everything you find on the shelves is there because they followed these guidelines. If you would like, check your CBD lotion packaging, see if you will point out all of these requirements.

Do you have any questions about CBD packaging design and regulation? Ask in the comment section.

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