A Bong For Mom – A Social Media Campaign

With the way this year has been going, it is easy to get lost in a cycle of difficult emotions. In the words of The Canna Mom Show host, Joyce Gerber, “our world feels broken and fraying at the seams”. 

The launch of their #ABongForMom campaign marks an effort to sew –or rather, quilt– those seams back together in the way they know best: one canna story at a time. 

Two Moms Breaking Barriers in the Cannabis Industry

The Canna Mom Show shares real stories by real women that are breaking barriers and building businesses in the emerging cannabis industry. Hosted by former family law attorney and mother of two, Joyce Gerber, and her canna-sister, Amie Searles – realtor, cancer survivor, and mom – talk with women from coast to coast who are leaders in the revolution of cannabis and caregiving. Together they are crushing the cannabis stigma by empowering women’s voices.

Cannabis Creative has been working closely with The Canna Mom Show to reach new audiences and raise awareness for their podcast. Utilizing the network already built by the show and their guests, we used social media posts to turn fellow thought leaders into influencers. 

Cannabis on Social Media: #ABongForMom

The idea behind the #ABongForMom campaign was to tap into their previous guests’ social media audiences and have them listen to their show. The guest who has the most listens by Mother’s Day will win the beautiful handmade quilt that was stitched together by Joyce herself. 

These previous guests, or ambassadors, would then post the content we created with tracked links to their own social media platforms. Making it very easy for each of the ambassadors to promote their own show and The Canna Mom podcast in general. 

The media kit consisted of two posts each for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, along with an image for each post and a unique tracked link for their episodes on the specific social media platform. 

Social media allows audiences to connect with one another and build a community around their shared interest in cannabis. The #ABongForMom campaign aims to come together for that very community and make The Canna Mom Show its center. 

Highlighting Women in Cannabis

Joyce and Amie highlight women in cannabis and equip them with a strong voice, providing relevant and thought-provoking content with moms and women that are interested in the cannabis community. They break down the educational wall to make it possible for women to unite in cannabis and in womanhood– and now, in quilts. 

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