3 Examples of Inclusive Cannabis Product Marketing to Learn From

Year-round, people are bombarded by product marketing campaigns from brands. Individuals are relentlessly encouraged to buy and consume, which can result in a culture of materialism and instant gratification. 

However, consumers aren’t just taking it. Movements like conscious consumerism have created a demand for brands that actually reflect ethical values through their business. In other words, buyers want to purchase products that are thoughtfully designed and marketed. 

In the cannabis industry, it is even more crucial that you are creating products for consumers from all walks of life. As the market grows and stigmatization sees some decline, increasingly more people are curious about cannabis. 

So, what does this mean for your brand? Inclusive cannabis product marketing tactics. You must be cognizant of how you’re designing and sharing your products to really attract your target audience and achieve long-term success. 

Read on to understand more about inclusive product marketing in cannabis and how you can incorporate it into your business:

What is inclusive product marketing?

Product marketing refers to the go-to-market strategy and promotion of consumer product goods (CPG). This type of marketing includes crafting a brand, creating consumer messaging, defining the ideal buyers, conducting market research, and more. 

Inclusive product marketing refers to considering your consumers’ diverse needs, preferences, and experiences while accomplishing your product marketing objectives. This may involve:

Overall, the goal is to ensure that your marketing efforts are respectful, representative, and accessible to people from various backgrounds, including different genders, ethnicities, abilities, ages, and more.

Why is inclusive cannabis marketing important?

In cannabis, inclusive product marketing not only aligns with ethical considerations and social responsibility but also makes for good business. Given the troubled history of the cannabis industry, today’s businesses need to keep all customers in mind – from the creation of a product to its marketing.

By appealing to a broader audience and showing that a brand is genuinely conscious of inclusivity, companies can build stronger connections with consumers and enhance their brand reputation.

3 Inclusive Brands That Market Their Cannabis Products Really Well

There are many ways a cannabis brand can be inclusive in its marketing campaigns. Here are three examples of brands that have accomplished this in a variety of ways:

1. Cann 

Cann is well-known in the industry for being one of the first cannabis seltzers on the market. The brand positions itself as an alternative for anyone looking for a non-alcoholic social experience. 

Designing an alcohol alternative fosters inclusivity by respecting the complex relationships people have with alcohol. Whether for personal, health, or cultural reasons, providing choices beyond alcohol ensures everyone feels comfortable and valued. 

Cann’s inclusive approach to creating their product supports individuals pursuing wellness and aligns with cultural sensitivities around alcohol consumption, such as addiction or abuse. 

Moreover, the brand is co-founded by a queer man, and the picture of inclusive marketing with diverse campaigns, strategic influencer partnerships, and iconic campaigns with a compelling message. 

Most notably, they’ve had phenomenal success with their cannabis Pride campaigns in the last few years. From entire music videos to witty social media posts, their marketing team is clearly aligned on the messaging around their product: it’s for everyone

Screenshot of Cann's Instagram with the campaign image: the future is fluid

2. Miss Grass

Miss Grass is a publication and cannabis brand dedicated to changing the stigmas and stereotypes associated with the plant.

The brand makes it a point to use inclusive representation in their photography when sharing product imagery. Through the models you use, your brand can subtly communicate cues about the product and mission.

In the case of Miss Grass, they use hands to communicate things such as age, race, and gender to demonstrate that all humans can enjoy their products, which is a great example of inclusive cannabis product marketing.

Miss Grass Inclusive Cannabis Product Marketing examples

Moreover, Miss Grass uses website blogs and an inclusive content strategy to showcase various perspectives on cannabis. These topics are strategically selected to destigmatize cannabis and promote an inclusive message about the plant. 

Here are some examples:

3. Phasey CBD

Phasey is a CBD company that specializes in functional products for menstrual cycles, sex, and mood. This brand is a fabulous example of inclusive cannabis product marketing because they deeply understands that their target audience may not be traditional cisgender women. 

Although the brand is targeted towards those who menstruate, nowhere does the brand use the word “women” to describe the audience. In fact, they explicitly have an inclusivity statement on their Activism page, stating: “Phasey stands with menstruators of all gender identities and sexual orientations. We also stand with reproductive justice for all.”

Phasey CBD Inclusive Cannabis Product Marketing

This is a wonderful acknowledgment that menstruation is not limited to cisgender women; transgender men and non-binary individuals may also experience it. Gender-neutral language avoids exclusion and acknowledges the diversity of gender identities, promoting understanding and empathy.

The brand also includes extensive education around the four phases of the menstrual cycle, fully descriptive of what happens to hormones and the body during these phases while also designing their products mindfully for each phase. 

Partner with an inclusive cannabis marketing team today

Inclusive cannabis product marketing is a great way to stand out from the crowd in such a saturated industry. If you’re a cannabis brand looking to increase sales through your marketing efforts, it’s time to take diversity, equity, and inclusion seriously. 

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