A Look Inside the Only Regenerative Cannabis Farm in Massachusetts

Ever been to an outdoor cannabis farm? If you get the chance, you’ll be in awe of the sea of green. And you just might learn something.

Craig Willett (CEO) and Brianna Digiovangiacomo (Wholesaler) were gracious enough to give me a private tour of Regenerative LLC, their regenerative cannabis farm.

Let me take you inside the fence to show you what the farm is like and how they’re doing things a bit different.

About Regenerative LLC and their cannabis farm

Near the Rhode Island border in Uxbridge sits Regenerative LLC, the largest outdoor cannabis farm in Massachusetts. They’re a Tier 10 Cultivation with a hydrocarbon lab on site. To my knowledge, they’re also the only regenerative cannabis farm in the state.

They broke ground in February 2021 and began planting a few months later in July. As of this writing, this year is their second Croptober. As I descended the road to their farm, in direct view was an outdoor field in full bloom. I was greeted with wafts of sweet, gassy cannabis, luring me closer like someone resting a warm pie on a windowsill.

In addition to two outdoor fields, the farm is also home to 14 hoop houses, each of which contain 140 cannabis plants. Hoop houses are similar to greenhouses, protecting the plants from frost, insects, and the elements. In total, there are nearly 5,000 plants across the property with 86,000 square feet of fully executed canopy.

What exactly is regenerative cannabis farming?

Regenerative cannabis farming is the process of recycling resources wherever possible throughout the cannabis plant’s life cycle. Not much goes to waste. Compost goes back to the plants.

All waste material (stems, leaves, and root balls) is mulched and put into compost piles, or introduced into the worm bins to be broken down even further. This compost and worm castings (poop) is used to feed the plants.

The Regenerative LLC farm taps water from a well that’s filtered before use to ensure there aren’t any impurities. Cannabis-friendly insects are brought in to take care of the real pests.

They’ve used virgin soil from the untouched land, amending it with 700 yards of organic compost each of the last two years. Any additional nutrients are OMRI organic or organically derived.

Popular strains Regenerative LLC is growing

Regenerative has been growing a whole bunch of strains with something for everyone. They currently have a variety of 100+ genetics, from the mainstream to the rare land raised.

I felt like a kid in a candy store, walking the rows of plants and admiring all the shades of green and purple. It’s amazing what the team has produced given all the elements of the Northeast.

Here are some of their strains that are more well-known by consumers around Massachusetts.

Apples and Bananas

This is a hybrid strain with apple (of course), sweet, and earthy flavors that leans more energizing. Users report feeling happy, euphoric, and uplifted. 14% of Leafly reviewers say Apples and Bananas helps with anxiety.

Chem 91

This is a hybrid strain, also known as Chemdog 91 and Chemdawg 91, that leans more energizing. With earthy, diesel, and chemical flavors, users report feeling talkative, happy, and euphoric. 32% of Leafly reviewers say Chem 91 helps with stress.


This is a hybrid strain, also known as Oreo Cookies, known for its relaxing high. With tobacco, vanilla, and coffee flavors, users report getting the munchies while feeling happy and relaxed. 15% of Leafly reviewers say Oreoz helps with anxiety.


If you love berries, this relaxing indica strain is for you. With berry, grape, and blueberry flavors, users report feeling sleepy and relaxed, and even get the munchies. 22% of Leafly reviewers say Slurricane helps with anxiety.

White Runtz

This is a hybrid strain known for its tingly, relaxing high. With earthy, sweet, and diesel flavors, users report feeling euphoric and relaxed. 19% of Leafly reviewers say White Runtz helps with anxiety.

Other strains Regenerative LLC is growing

  • Double Lemon
  • G Thang (Purple Pheno)
  • Grapeness
  • Head Doctor
  • Lemon Margy
  • Lemon Royal
  • Peach Crasher
  • Peach Glue
  • Sherbacio
  • Skywalker OG
  • Starcab
  • Sugarcane
  • Tropicanna Punch

My review of the Peach Crasher strain

Peach Crasher is an indica-leaning hybrid strain that I haven’t come across in Massachusetts yet. It was a pleasure to try this one for the first time from Regenerative! A cross between Peach Pie and Wedding Crasher by City Slicker Genetics, it smells floral, fruity, and like sweet gasoline. Tastes nutty, woodsy, and earthy.

Peach Crasher gave me a moderate head high that hit me within five minutes of finishing the joint. Very relaxing without sending me directly to bed. I might even say it got my brain thinking a bit. I proceeded to sink into my La-Z-Boy recliner and play video games (Fortnite, I have no shame) without a care in the world.

Looking for wholesale cannabis?

Regenerative is coming to market with quality cannabis products right now. They truly want to give consumers and dispensaries a high-quality product that’s new and exciting. Check out their wholesale menu.

Pre-packaged products available:

  • Pre-rolls
  • Live resin budder
  • Live resin vape cartridges

Bulk products available:

  • Grade A dry/cured flower
  • Fresh frozen flower
  • Live resin extracts

Regenerative will soon be adding infused pre-rolls and more live resin vape products. Contact them to see where they can fit in at your retail store!