Visiting the First Operators of Cannabis Greenhouses in Massachusetts (And a Cream D’Mint Strain Appreciation Post)

Would you believe the home of the first ever cannabis greenhouse in Massachusetts resembles a Call of Duty map?

Nestled in a wooded area in Fitchburg, MA on an industrial property of old chemical buildings is Apothca’s 26-acre indoor/outdoor cultivation campus.

Keith Raymond and the team gave me an exclusive tour in the thick of Croptober. Let’s see what they’ve been growing!

About Apothca and their Massachusetts cannabis

Apothca is a vertically integrated cannabis operation in Fitchburg with nine greenhouses (17,000 square feet under canopy) and a 1-acre outdoor field for sun-grown flower.

Their dispensaries, which serve both adult-use and medical users, are in Arlington, Lynn, and Boston (Jamaica Plain). I’ve been to two and just need Jamaica Plain to complete the trifecta.

Their team of cultivators, extractors, and associates work together to ensure the successful delivery of quality medicine. When you talk to the people of Apothca – whether in their stores, at events, or at their facility – you can tell they’re committed to you as a consumer. I’ve always felt taken care of.

cream d'mint strain growing indoors

Indoor and outdoor flower, take your pick

There are 28 strains in Apothca’s rotation, with a new lineup slated to drop in stores in Q1 of 2024 – Ace Killer OG, Blue Dream, and Silver Haze to name a few. Through the year, they expect to continue launching new strains on a quarterly basis.

Pictured above is the Cream D’Mint strain in a greenhouse that typically has 300-500 plants. Plants are at different stages of their lifecycle across the nine greenhouses, so the team is harvesting and refilling on a regular basis.

Cream D’Mint happens to be my all-time favorite strain. Highly recommended. More on that further down this post.

Apothca is also one of the few cultivators bringing outdoor flower to the market, and I got there just as this year’s outdoor harvest was underway.

They believe their sun-grown flower is some of the best the state has to offer. I can’t yet say if I agree, but I will say that given the choice, I’ll take sun-grown over indoor every day.

7 strains Apothca grew outdoors in 2023

Outside, Apothca grew 800+ plants this year, which looked amazing despite the heavy rain all summer. Here are the seven strains they grew under the sun:

1. Apes in Space

A cross between Falcon 9 and Grease Monkey, this hybrid strain is a rare bud with skunky, earthy, and spicy flavors. Leafly reviewers say Apes in Space is a potent, heavy hitter, so beginners should tread lightly.

2. Flo OG

This is a sweet, indica-dominant strain with creative effects. Users report feeling relaxed, sleepy, euphoric, and hungry. 35% of Leafly reviewers say Flo OG helps with both stress and pain.

3. Greasy Grapes

This is an indica-dominant strain with an aroma of grapes and diesel, known for giving you a sense of happiness and creativity. Try Greasy Grapes if you have depression, stress, insomnia, or nausea.

4. Honolulu Strangler

This sativa-leaning hybrid is known for its spicy, floral aroma and elevating you to a calm, happy mood. Try Honolulu Strangler if you’re looking for a good daytime strain, but keep in mind it’s a strong one.

5. Lemon Drip

A cross of Lemon Tree and Grease Monkey, this sativa strain is known for offering cerebral stimulation, euphoria, and energy. Eventually, your body may feel tingly and heavy. Try Lemon Drip if you have pain, inflammation, or depression.

6. Lip Smacker

A cross between Sherbert and Strawberries & Cream, this indica strain is known for effects that include relaxation, euphoria, and happiness. Try Lip Smacker for its sweet, fruity, and herbal flavors.

7. Strawberries and Cream

A cross between Strawberry Jelly and Cookies and Cream, this is a balanced hybrid with a sweet, strawberry flavor. Users report feeling uplifted, focused, and creative. 15% of Leafly reviewers say Strawberries and Cream helps with anxiety.

My review of Cream D’Mint, my favorite strain

My first experience trying Cream D’Mint was as a judge for the Massachusetts Cannabis Cup in 2021. Of the 14 strains I smoked and rated, Apothca’s Cream D’Mint came in at #1 on my rating sheet.

Cream D’ Mint is a well-balanced hybrid cross between Cookies & Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip. To me, it smells citrusy and earthy with a hint of what might be grapefruit. Not much earthiness to the taste. Quite nice.

To this day, the strain leaves me feeling calm, collected, and loose as a goose as I go about my day. It’s a great feeling with a little bit of a head high. I remember the very first sesh with Cream D’Mint had me craving tacos (for whatever reason) big time!

Pictured above is a piece of an image that I created with AI. I asked it to “generate an abstract interpretation of the cannabis strain Cream D’Mint with feelings of relaxation, sleepiness, and happiness” – pretty cool what it created!

Looking for sun-grown flower?

Indoor flower is available year-round, but this season’s outdoor flower should hit store shelves around the end of November 2023. You’ll find it easiest at Apothca’s stores in Arlington, Lynn, and Boston (Jamaica Plain).

Also, on top of the brick hash they offer, Apothca is working with Hudson Botanical Processing to create new live resin concentrates and vape carts. Soon you’ll have more choices for experiencing their terpene- and cannabinoid-rich plant profiles.