Kosmik Launches Their Cannabis Gummies in Massachusetts with Regenerative LLC

The team at Regenerative LLC invited me back to the farm again – this time to sample some edibles! On the property is the largest regenerative cannabis grow in Massachusetts. Take a peek inside.

Quick lesson: At the farm, resources are recycled wherever possible throughout the life cycle of the cannabis plants. Not much goes to waste, and compost goes back to the plants.

Two cannabis brands ignite a spark in Massachusetts

In July 2023, Regenerative LLC partnered with Kosmik Brands, an Oklahoma-based cannabis brand, to launch a masterful product line of gummies in Mass. Some of the products are already available in dispensaries as I write this.

In addition to the flavors reviewed in this post, there are also classic flavors like Kranberry Kosmos w/ Pomegranate and Blue Raspberry.

If you need a strong dose, the Black Hole gummies have “classified” flavors and are high dosed at 50mg per piece. They can also be segmented into ten 5mg servings.

Kosmik relies on Regenerative for their high-quality distillate (a purified form of THC) to manufacture a wide variety of flavors and doses. There’s something for just about every preference. Keep in mind all gummies are a hybrid blend, so no sativa- or indica-specific options yet.

My review of Kosmik’s Pink Lunar Lemonade gummies

I had the pleasure of trying the pink lemonade gummies, which take effect for me in only about five minutes. Fast acting for sure. Sugary, chewy, and juicy, these gummies taste great and put me in a nice state of mind. And sometimes I’ll pop one before bed for a euphoric escape to the stars.

Each piece is 10mg THC, which can be broken into 5mg “slices.” On a lower dose, you could definitely go about your day in chill mode. You could even lace up your skates and cruise around town if that’s your thing.

And here’s what my SEO teammate, Isabella DeChard, has to say about the Peanut Butter and Jelly gummies:

Isabella’s review of Kosmik’s Peanut Butter and Jelly gummies

An equally decadent, potent, and nostalgic edible treat, these gummies have a delicious taste that takes you back to your favorite after-school snack. The flavor of grape jelly is sweet enough to make you forget about any unpleasant grape flavor you’ve tried before.

Its creamy peanut butter center is what makes this edible stand out among the rest. The balanced fusion of both real peanut butter and jelly flavor sprinkled with sugar gives you a sweet send off into a higher, elevated state of bliss. The flavor lingers just long enough for you to begin to feel the warm and calming effects throughout the body.

A reminder about taking edibles

The effects of edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to kick in. It’s different than smoking or vaping, which can give you immediate effects. So, start low and go slow.

Ready for lift-off?

You can find Kosmik gummies at licensed dispensaries in Massachusetts. As of September 2023, these are some of the locations:

  • 1 Connection in North Dighton
  • Cape Cod Cannabis in Wellfleet
  • Capital Cannabis in Douglas
  • Green Path Cannabis in Southbridge
  • Stem in Haverhill
  • Tree House Craft Cannabis in Dracut