Pure Oasis

Boston’s First Black-Owned Dispensary, Pure Oasis!

Cannabis Creative helped create an engaging social media strategy

Social media is the best place to grow and engage with a strong community like the one Pure Oasis was building. However, it is also a highly visual channel with an algorithm that is challenging and complex.

The Cannabis Creative social media team began by creating a visual moodboard to help curate a purpose-driven look and feel to the client’s social media presence. Through a mixture of questionnaires, competitive research, and channel audits, we built out a spread of posts to draw inspiration from.

This step gave us a springboard to strategize content pillars and help Pure Oasis reach its niche audience of customers. We included general dispensary categories, such as Product Education, Cannabis Lifestyle, and Health & Wellness along with more custom pillars that allow the Pure Oasis account to target locals, Black American cannabis users, and more.

In combination, the content strategy and the moodboard allowed our team to highlight specific topics and types of posts that would resonate with Pure Oasis’ community and increase engagement.

We grew their following by nearly 10% in less than 6 months

With a more curated focus on high-value content for its unique audience, Pure Oasis’s accounts grew by hundreds of new followers in a matter of months.

The new social media strategy reflected this visually with a more balanced, still-on-brand feed. We incorporated more real people through customer images and quality content, such as educational videos and carousels as well as entertaining, holiday-inspired posts.


Additionally, we published relevant content about current events, such as the George Floyd murder and the Black Lives Matter protests to create space for meaningful conversations. Combined, these strategies resulted in engagement across social media accounts increasing, with as much as 3.5K engagements on Instagram in one month.

Overall, the comprehensive social media strategy created and executed done by our Cannabis Creative team gave Pure Oasis’ social media audience and brand community a curated space to engage and interact. Doing so allowed the dispensary to deepen its customer relationships and increase both brand awareness and brand loyalty.