Why SMS Marketing and Cannabis Loyalty Programs Work Hand in Hand

Think about all the times we check our phone and text messages throughout the day. We’re constantly receiving and searching for updates in various digital forms of communication.

Having a friendly reminder pop up from your favorite cannabis dispensary about a current sale or promotion is a great way to get you out the door and ready to shop!

With SMS marketing and specifically SMS loyalty programs for cannabis, dispensaries and brands can explore and expand their methods of communication and engagement with their customers. By building better customer relationships, brands using SMS messaging for cannabis loyalty programs can directly message their target audience for promotions, discounts, and deals on cannabis products.

Learn how SMS marketing and cannabis loyalty programs work hand in hand to help elevate your customer engagement and overall sales – plus tips from our SMS marketing experts at Cannabis Creative!

Defining SMS Marketing in the Cannabis Industry

SMS stands for short message service – it’s known as a form of text message marketing. By communicating directly with buyers and customers via mobile messaging, brands and companies are able to connect and communicate with their targeted audiences in more personalized ways.

Generally, SMS marketing is a useful tool for communicating with your community and establishing relationships and customer loyalty. Especially for cannabis dispensaries with a plethora of ongoing discounts, deals, and product sales goals, SMS messaging campaigns can help boost conversions.

The Significance of Cannabis Loyalty Programs 

Luckily for the cannabis industry, dispensaries and brands can further enhance their brand and customer trust through cannabis loyalty and reward programs. 

Dispensaries and companies often integrate cannabis loyalty programs into their business models to reward and retain customers. This structured marketing strategy is designed to encourage continuous business from customers while building relationships.

Through incentives, benefits, and rewards – individuals who regularly purchase products from cannabis dispensaries are rewarded a token for their business, leading them to further spending and visits in the future.

Overall, cannabis loyalty programs are structured to build customer loyalty while increasing customer retention and overall product sales. For most cannabis dispensaries, the steps of a cannabis loyalty program usually go as follows:

  • Loyalty Program Enrollment

As per local regulations, customers may need to provide basic information like their name, contact details, and proof of legal age.

  • Accumulation of Points

Customers earn points or rewards for each qualifying purchase they make at the dispensary. The structure of these systems may vary.

  • Redemption of Rewards

Rewards for loyalty programs can include discounts on future purchases, free products, and exclusive access to events or promotions. Even merchandise related to the brand.

  • Personalized Offers

Dispensaries and brands with cannabis loyalty programs can utilize valuable customer data to further personalize offers and discounts.

  • Communication

Enrollment forms or sign up sheets are a helpful way to collect contact information from new consumers and communicate with program members.

*It’s important to note that depending on the legal cannabis state you’re in, there may be different regulations and rules regarding loyalty programs and rewards points. 

What are the Benefits of SMS Marketing for Dispensary Loyalty Programs? 

In a highly competitive market, loyalty programs offer customers a compelling reason to keep coming back.

SMS marketing is highly effective for promoting dispensary loyalty programs and engaging with cannabis customers. When your dispensary is ready to strategize this form of text message marketing, consider these key benefits:

Direct Communication with Consumers 

SMS messages from cannabis dispensaries are an effective way to quickly deliver time-sensitive information about promotions, discounts, and events. This direct communication is especially valuable in the fast-paced, ever-changing cannabis industry.

Additionally, SMS marketing messages and text campaigns often have significantly higher open rates compared to email marketing.

Creative Personalization

Based on customer preferences, purchase history, and loyalty program activity, you can send personalized messages in your dispensary SMS marketing. Message personalization can make customers feel valued and more likely to engage with the loyalty program.

Geotargeting Your Audience

SMS marketing platforms often offer geotargeting, allowing you to send location-based messages to customers when they are near your dispensary. This is particularly useful for promoting in-store events, flash sales, or limited-time offers to drive foot traffic.

Message Automation

Automation features are a major important factor in SMS marketing campaigns. Similarly to schedule a sale or promotion on an e-commerce site, dispensaries and brands can schedule messages in advance.

Automated responses to queries can also be integrated for a full user experience. Not only does it streamline communication of loyalty program updates, but it does so in a timely delivery.

Cost-Effective SMS Campaigns 

SMS marketing is generally cost-effective compared to other advertising methods, making it a budget-friendly option for dispensaries, especially small and medium-sized businesses.

Tips for Setting Up SMS Marketing from Our Cannabis Marketing Agency 

When establishing an SMS marketing campaign for your brand, be sure you are respecting customer’s privacy preferences and adhering to all standard regulations within SMS marketing and the cannabis industry.

Especially working with cannabis, be sure you’re using a cannabis-friendly SMS platform that will allow you to freely market and express your products or services. Compliance is crucial to avoid legal issues.

When it comes to SMS messaging, Cannabis Creative is proud to be the leader in SMS marketing strategy. We work with brands and dispensaries to cultivate authentic and meaningful connections with their loyal customers, while gaining valuable data and insight on your audience’s buying trends and spending.

Our SMS and Email marketing team was asked about using loyalty and SMS together, and the answer was clear. The results with our clients speak for themselves.

  • Using SMS marketing for cannabis loyalty programs allows you to set point reminders on sales, discounts, and promotions happening with your brand or dispensary.
  • Specific geolocation features allow you to target and segment your audiences for messaging.
  • Through consumer data and insight from the SMS platform, you can target top loyalty spenders quickly and track any current points or incentives for users.
  • The best part about SMS and cannabis loyalty is the precise tracking and detail you can have on your customers!

“Our first-hand experience has shown us time and time again that with a smart and meaningful SMS communication strategy, the cannabis industry has a unique opportunity to meet customers where they already are, and keep them coming back.”
–Cannabis Creative Email & SMS Marketing Team

Cannabis Creative Group: Proud Partners with SpringBig & Alpine IQ 

Our SMS marketing team at Cannabis Creative specializes in cannabis SMS messaging and partners with Springbig and Alpine IQ, while proudly being Alpine IQ-certified.

Alpine IQ’s certification program features learning tools and exclusive courses that give our team and customers the best practices and methods needed to be an AIQ Expert.

Understanding the significance of SMS loyalty programs to your overall cannabis marketing strategy can help your dispensary or brand launch from an established business to a well-trusted company with continuous customer loyalty.

Cannabis loyalty programs can enhance customer engagement, drive repeated business, and establish a more personalized and efficient connection with your customers. Utilizing SMS marketing for your loyalty program can help further deepen the roots of these customer relationships.

If you’re currently working in the complicated and regulated cannabis industry, you understand the leaps and bounds it takes to accomplish successful marketing strategies. At Cannabis Creative, we’re proud to be your experts in SMS marketing for cannabis.

To get started on an SMS messaging campaign that will elevate your brand’s cannabis loyalty program, Reach out to our cannabis marketing agency.

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