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New Leaf: Igniting New Possibilities!

New Leaf was started with a goal: to ignite possibilities for others along their cannabis journeys.

Upon opening their dispensary in Fall River, the brand-new dispensary will provide a wide range of recreational cannabis products, from flower and edibles to concentrates. Founded by Peter Fernandes after his own firsthand experience of cannabis’ health effects — cannabis aided Peter’s pain relief and overall recovery from bilateral hip surgeries for osteoarthritis — the business is focused on de-stigmatization and inspiring people to discover the many benefits of cannabis use.

Building the foundation for a brand

As a new canna-business, New Leaf needed many services to develop key components of their brand. They came to Cannabis Creative with a name and logo, but needed branding, a website, product packaging, social media services and guidance with posting content.

Branding & website:

The client wanted their branding to reflect an urban, Miami aesthetic. We established a color palette primarily of bright purple, magenta, and blue, as well as contrasting dark grays, black and white. A bold, modern font complemented the look. In creating their website, we incorporated a fun, party vibe through bright neon graphics (for example, a header video displays their logo in neon lights), as well as bold imagery reflecting their brand colors and a music playlist at the bottom of the homepage.

Social Media

Starting with a mood board, our team created social media templates and graphics in the theme of New Leaf’s “Miami” style through humorous quotes and phrases, neon glow effects, and bold text and imagery. One priority, pertaining to social media and overall brand messaging, was destigmatizing cannabis use to combat the “lazy stoner” stereotype. Through conversations with the client, we developed content focused on cannabis use for creative expression and productivity, with a secondary objective in mind: reaching an audience of business owners and professionals.

Additionally, the client intended to supplement our social media posts with content of their own — but was seeking guidance to stay on brand. To meet their needs, we developed a Social Media Guidelines book of best practices regarding captions, hashtags, design, community engagement, and other aspects of social media marketing.

A canna-business set up for success

The final touch? We created bags and jar labels in on-brand color schemes with a fun, psychedelic swirl. Once their product is ready, they’ll be able to package and present it to all those who enter their new space. The client was thrilled with the end result, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them through social media marketing.