From Legacy to Legal with Lucky Green Ladies

Lucky Green Ladies wanted to market its cannabis delivery brand with an emphasis on the founder’s story.

Lucky Green Ladies is an adult-use cannabis home delivery service based in Massachusetts. They are on a mission to discreetly provide recreational products to a number of service areas and increase the accessibility of cannabis – all while maintaining a socially conscious brand.

Founder and CEO, Alissa Nowak, has personal experience in the legacy market (also known as the ‘black market’). As a previous dealer and victim of the War on Drugs, Alissa wanted to transition into the legal market with an innovative business and a mission-driven brand identity. For the Lucky Green Ladies team, this meant embracing the founder's story and highlighting their efforts to make the cannabis industry more inclusive and sustainable. They came to our cannabis branding agency for industry-specialized expertise to craft a full brand identity that could be translated into a website andother marketing channels.

Cannabis Creative designed a mission-forward brand identity for Lucky Green Ladies

With such a rich story, the Cannabis Creative team was instantly inspired by Alissa. We wanted to ensure that her background and personality were embodied throughout the Lucky Green Ladies brand identity.

Alissa came to the Cannabis Creative team with a very basic, initial draft of her vision for a logo.

Our lead branding designer started by taking the Lucky Green Ladies team’s ideas and assembling a wide selection of black-and-white logos to help us drive the brand’s creative direction. All of our initial logo drafts featured sans-serif typefaces and four-leaf clover iconography.

Alissa knew she wanted to incorporate this symbol of luck to emphasize how she was lucky to be able to get past her cannabis-related charges and move into the legal market. The whole team wanted to be a symbol of luck and even hope for others hoping to do the same.

Upon narrowing down to a few logo options, our branding and design team integrated clover shades of green and experimented with different complementary colors to balance out the color palette, such as yellows, purples, and more.

Ultimately, we landed on varying shades of green in the primary color palette with a pop of pollen yellow to add to the general theme of this cannabis brand’s visual identity.

This visual foundation lent itself nicely to support the sustainability mission of the Lucky Green Ladies. In addition to providing extensive information about sustainable practices in the cannabis industry, Alissa’s team built out a unique “Return Your Jar” program that encouraged customers to recycle glass jars and plastics.

As we defined this visual identity, we also did extensive work to flesh out a cannabis brand and messaging strategy. Our copywriter spent time with Alissa, learning her unique story and identifying core values that the company wanted to stand for. These values reflectdiversity, social responsibility, ending the War on Drugs, sustainability, and more.

Our Cannabis Creative agencywas so floored by Alissa’s story that we wanted to amplify her voice and business on our own channels through an interview, Cannabis & Pride: The Power of Acceptance with Alissa Nowak.

With an intimate understanding of Alissa and the Lucky Green Ladies brand, we wove together the visual identity and brand personality to create assets the team could use at industry events,  such as:

– business cards

– event booth props

– merchandise design

(In fact, they used these designs on t-shirts that they wore in their brand photoshoot!)

Having built such a strong cannabis brand strategy and foundation, we could ensure from the ground up that lucky Green Ladies was differentiated from other delivery operators in Massachusetts, primarily operating outside of Boston.

Cannabis Creative intertwined powerful brand messaging with captivating cannabis business web development.

From here, we had our website design and development team translate the brand into a website. We started by creating a mood board of inspiration. Using this, our team crafted a one-page website, or landing page, to serve as a placeholder for those searching for Lucky Green Ladies.

This allowed us to align visually with the client’s goals as well as start driving traffic and email sign-ups for anyone interested. Our copywriting team used the brand messaging guidelines we developed during the branding process to write lively, personality-driven copy for the temporary website landing page.

Through our cannabis email marketing services, users who submit their information on this landing page would receive an automatic follow-up email strategized by our email marketing team. The email teases the Lucky Green Ladies’ opening date and shares its core values in an effort to establish brand awareness and begin to build a relationship with the audience.

Next, Cannabis Creative’s web development team followed this landing page blueprint to create a full, custom-built website.

During the website phase, our team emphasized the Lucky Green Ladies’ sustainability projects.

We dedicated an entire page to all their efforts, complete with authority-building links to government websites and sustainability partners. Alongside this messaging focus, we also played around with voice and tone across the web pages to drive interest to Alissa’s full story.

By weaving together brand messaging with strategic copy and content, we were able to tell a story throughout the new website and pique interest enough to encourage users to stay on the site.

Overall, the Cannabis Creative team coordinated several strategic standpoints to develop a beautiful and impactful brand. A powerful brand that is cannabis SEO-backed, has a custom website development that is mobile friendly,  and in-depth email marketing nurture campaigns for Lucky Green Ladies.

“Love, love, love, LOVE!!! You guys are incredible! You didn’t miss a beat, you portrayed my story so well!!”


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