Floating Islands reimagines canna-beverages and nurtures equality

Floating Islands was dreamt up by New England cannabis advocates who believe in slowing down and connecting to the best parts of life. The company offers innovative canna-beverages that promise premium ingredients and inspiring journeys. At the same time, Floating Islands is committed to serious reform to promote social equity across the entire industry.

A comprehensive strategy for an intricate brand

Floating Islands came to Cannabis Creative with an out-of-this-world product: the first-ever sparkling cannabis-infused smoothie beverage. What’s more, the Floating Islands team had a powerful story to tell. It included historical social injustices, high tech brewing, and a touch of science fiction.
A brand as layered as this required our cannabis marketing agency to craft a digital marketing strategy aimed at setting Floating Islands apart from other big canna-beverage players. The approach also needed to generate awareness and brand equity amongst conscientious cannabis consumers.

Cannabis Creative drove awareness and leads with a custom landing page and email automation.

An early web presence was key in establishing Floating Islands’ brand identity ahead of their full website launch. To achieve this, Cannabis Creative first developed a landing page using the brand’s visual elements and custom graphics.

Moreover, Floating Islands was able to capture leads using our email marketing services. Subscribers received a custom designed email with information about the brand and what to expect in the near future. Anticipation and buzz grew while the team worked to develop the web design for this cannabis business.

We launched an eye-catching website, prioritizing both functionality and fun.

Our digital marketing strategy began with an extensive competitive analysis. We evaluated competitors’ design and marketing choices, and determined how to best help the client distinguish themselves.

We further collaborated with the client on a website mood-boarding process. Sharing examples of innovative cannabis web design allowed us to better hone in on how to bring Floating Islands’ vision to life.

With the landscape well studied, Cannabis Creative was able to produce Floating Islands’ unique web content strategy. We crafted an outline to maximize lead generation and drive organic traffic via SEO. Most importantly, we wove the incredible lore of the Floating Islands universe throughout.

Our content strategy map inspired the development of a user-first website, optimized for all devices. The site consisted of beautiful custom inner pages, notably the Floating Islands Research Group (F.I.R.G.) where we introduced the “brains” behind their operation.

Other pages included:

  • Product list and detail pages
  • Blog list and detail pages
  • A where-to-buy page
  • A careers page for growing their team

Each of these is rich with custom graphics, abstract shapes, and appealing textures to give life and depth to every corner of the site.

Cannabis Creative successfully delivered a beautiful and functional website. One that seamlessly entices users to join Floating Islands’ product wait list and immerses them into the rich universe that the brand offers.

Cannabis Creative gave Floating Islands a major SEO lift through content marketing.

Each piece of the digital marketing puzzle is interconnected. Cannabis Creative generated fresh blog content for the new Floating Islands website to satisfy both of the brand’s main goals:

  1. To rank highly in search results for everything “canna-beverage.”
  2. To reward their super fans and site visitors with consistent, engaging content.

The first step was for Cannabis Creative’s SEO team to research and develop a list of high-ranking cannabis keywords for our writers to use in each content piece. These keywords acted as building blocks to form topics around actual high-volume user searches. Moreover, the team provided content on topics that were central to the brand’s identity: education, social justice, and joy.

We continue to highlight Floating Islands’ complex production process and updates on the brand’s charitable work. All the while, Cannabis Creative maximizes the brand’s search ranking by optimizing for keywords and readability.

“We are so excited about this, y’all did a truly incredible job and we couldn’t be happier to call this our online HQ.”

- Gordon Whelpley, Founder

Pulling the digital marketing plan together via targeted email campaigns

Since lead generation was the client’s main goal behind the website, Cannabis Creative extended its digital marketing plan to include an email marketing strategy. Floating Islands subscribers would receive info on limited product drops and first peeks at new blog content.

We needed to deliver the best email experience possible and ensure subscribers receive messaging that was visually consistent with the website.

Cannabis Creative developed a welcome series in the client’s email marketing platform, consisting of a four-part journey. Each subsection served a deliberate purpose, and always included a distinct call-to-action for the reader to take.

In addition to the welcome series, our digital marketing team designed custom templates based on the website’s aesthetic. These included:
• newsletter updates
• promotions
• product drops
• announcements

The automations funneled subscribers into drip campaigns with a cadence designed to keep users engaged without getting overwhelmed. The result has been an ever-growing list of leads and super fans who are well-informed with the latest Floating Islands happenings.

Altogether, our cannabis branding agency launched the first-ever sparkling cannabis infused smoothie company through smart web design and strategic digital marketing.

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