The Ultimate Cannabis Holiday Calendar for Social Media [2023 Edition]

There are national holidays, bank holidays, and so on – and then there are social media holidays.

A social media holiday, also known as a marketing or hashtag holiday, is an unofficial day that marketers use to promote goods and services in the media. Sometimes, these holidays are well-known and celebrated for the good of the community, such as Earth Day. Other times, it’s a significant day for a given industry – think, 4/20.

However, when it comes to cannabis holidays, there’s more out there than just 4/20. Not only do these days deserve a little more love, but they can also be a fantastic tool for your cannabis social media marketing.

We’ve gathered all the dates you need to add to your cannabis holiday calendar for social media so you don’t have to go searching for them ever again.

Do people actually care about cannabis social media holidays?

On social media, it seems like there’s a holiday for just about everything. However, as much as “Edibles Day” sounds entirely made up, cannabis social media holidays do in fact tend to gain traction, especially within a niche of loyal cannabis users.

This means if you post on certain social media holidays, you can expose your content to a brand new set of eyes that may not otherwise see your content.

Using relevant cannabis hashtags on these days allows you to expose your brand to new audiences and show your current followers what your brand cares about and celebrates.

However, a “Happy 4/20” post is the bare minimum. So, if you’re going to include cannabis social media holidays in your content strategy, you’ll want to get creative – especially with the more obscure ones.

According to our in-house Social Media Manager here at Cannabis Creative, “Audiences are very turned off when brands try to force niche holidays, and it’s not a great look.” For example, on National Banana Day, many dispensaries may share their banana-flavored products, but it’s not necessarily a holiday people are actively looking for on social.

The secret to making fun cannabis holidays work for you lies in how you frame them.

For instance, National Space Day may not be something you would associate with Amtrak. However, the company ran a creative campaign around its legroom, even throwing a jab at airlines (which severely lack space).

In the same way, cannabis brands can utilize social media holidays to boost awareness of products, sales, and more. Cann, for example, took an on-brand approach to Cinco de Mayo where they discouraged drinking and very subtly encourage Cann instead.


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In other words, with creativity, you can stand out from the crowd and actually capitalize on cannabis holidays (as well as non-cannabis ones) – even if not that many people know about it.

As long as you frame the holiday in a way that aligns with your brand and your customers, people will care about the cannabis holiday content you post.

January Cannabis Holidays

National CBD Month

Started by cbdMD, this month was observed in an initiative to raise awareness, provide education, and bust myths about CBD as one of the most powerful compounds in the cannabis plant. Throughout the month of January, brands aim to shine a spotlight on the unique benefits of CBD, change perceptions about the substance, and set standards for superior CBD products.

February Cannabis Holidays

National Hemp Day – February 4

National Hemp Day is on February 4 every year. Every year, American hemp farmers and the rapid growth of the hemp industry are celebrated with brands recognizing the endless potential of the plant.

April Cannabis Holidays

National Cannabis Awareness Month

Celebrated every April – likely as an extension of 4/20 – National Cannabis Awareness Month recognizes the long history of the cannabis plant and aims to increase awareness of its vast medicinal benefits.

4/20 – April 20

Though it needs no explanation, 4/20 is a major cannabis holiday that has deeply permeated society beyond our industry. In fact, the history of 4/20 stems from a group of friends that simply wanted to enjoy cannabis discreetly. With new, legal markets in the majority of the United States, 4/20 has now come to celebrate the progress made in the cannabis industry and spread awareness of the wonderful benefits of the plant for both medicinal and recreational users.

May Cannabis Holidays

Tommy Chong’s Birthday – May 24

Cannabis comedian and cultural icon Tommy Chong is a pillar in the cannabis industry and community. Popularized as part of the comedic duo, Cheech & Chong, Tommy Chong found commercial and cultural success with his stand-up sets, which were based on drug and counterculture movements.

June Cannabis Holidays

Jack Herer’s Birthday – June 18

Known as the “The Emperor of Weed,” Jack Herer was a renowned cannabis activist and author. The day is used to commemorate all cannabis activists who have dedicated (and continue to) dedicate their lives to advocating for the full legalization of cannabis.

July Cannabis Holidays

Oil and Concentrates Day / Dab Day – July 10

Better known as 7/10 (“OIL” upside down) and known to be the new 4/20, Dab Day commemorates newer products that have taken center stage in recent years. Concentrates, cartridges, and dabbing are honored and encouraged on this day.

Cheech Marin’s Birthday – July 13

The other half of the Cheech & Chong duo, Cheech Marin is an icon of cannabis culture. Finding fame in the ’70s and ‘80s, Cheech – along with his partner Tommy Chong – was featured in the media as one of the faces of the hippie and free love era.

Hemp History Week – July 17-23

Hemp History Week is the largest national educational campaign led by the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) to show support for hemp farmers around the U.S. The campaign raises awareness about environmental sustainability, health benefits, regenerative agriculture potential, and new technological applications of industrial hemp.

August Cannabis Holidays

Bob Marley Day – August 7

The late reggae musician is a lifetime icon of cannabis culture. As a devoted follower of Rastafarianism, Marley viewed consumption not as a holy ritual to bring him closer to his faith, and, as it happened, his creativity as well.

National CBD Day – August 8

The CBD equivalent of 4/20, August 8th recognizes the healing benefits of CBD every year. In addition to raising awareness of these benefits, the day encourages consumers to share their stories of how CBD has helped them overcome mental and physical health challenges.

Jenny Kush (Jenny Monson) Day – August 31

Jenny Monson, better known as Jenny Kush, was a cannabis activist from Denver, Colorado. Monson was a founding member of the Colorado chapter of Moms for Marijuana International, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the benefits of cannabis.

Monsoon’s life and work were tragically cut short due to a drunk driving accident, leading to a movement meant to honor her name. In fact, the strain “Jenny Kush” was named after her to celebrate her life and the contributions she made toward destigmatizing cannabis.

October Cannabis Holidays

Commemorating the Victims of Prohibition – October 5

On October 2nd, 1937, the United States put the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act into place which outlawed cannabis. On October 5th, the first victims of Prohibition, Samuel R. Caldwell and Moses Baca, were arrested in Denver for selling and possessing cannabis.

After serving his full sentence, Caldwell died shortly after his release from the effects of prison labor. On this day, the victims of Prohibition are honored and remembered for the price they have paid in the face of the War on Drugs.

International Budtenders Day – October 10

International Budtenders Day is a day dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the contributions of budtenders in the cannabis industry. Budtenders are known for providing consistent guidance and expertise to dispensary customers of all experience levels. In addition to offering personalized recommendations, they educate customers about different cannabis products, provide dosage guidelines, and ensure responsible consumption, making them a crucial component of a safe and legal industry.

Snoop Dogg’s Birthday – October 20

Both an avid cannabis consumer and advocate, rapper and artist Snoop Dogg is widely known as an enthusiast of the plant. In addition to having some hit songs that are forever engrained into pop culture (“Drop It Like It’s Hot”), Snoop Dogg has also spoken out about the discrimination in the cannabis industry and legal system for years.

November Cannabis Holidays

Legalization Day – November 6

On November 6th, 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first ever states to pass recreational cannabis laws, which effectively established the legal and regulated cannabis industry in America.

Green Wednesday – November 22

Set the Wednesday before Thanksgiving every year, Green Wednesday has gained popularity as a cannabis holiday that is known for dispensary sales and promotions, similar to the retail concept of Black Friday. This holiday is especially great for cannabis brands that want an excuse to run a promotional campaign for their customers!

December Cannabis Holidays

Indica Day – December 8

Although not celebrated widely (yet), Indica Day is a recent addition to the cannabis holiday calendar recognizing the medicinal benefits of Indica strains. These strains are anecdotally known to help reduce nausea and pain, as well as have relaxing effects.

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