The Importance of Refreshing Your Cannabis Website

The industry is constantly turning and changing with the latest and greatest updates, why shouldn’t your cannabis website do the same?

As a business owner, it’s crucial to keep in mind that a website is not “build and be done.” Cannabis websites need constant updates and improvements to reflect a growing business and expand on marketing content. Plus, updating and refreshing the look and content of your website will give users a more desirable and exploratory experience when browsing your website.

Learn about the handful of helpful guidelines and practices our cannabis marketing agency follows to assist our clients in the website refresh process!

Cannabis Websites: Rebrand vs. Refresh

When it comes to marketing your cannabis website, there’s a rebrand, and then there’s a refresh.

  • For cannabis websites, a revamp, or refresh, means making changes to the website without completely changing the overall structure or look. These changes made could be internal, external, or both! Either way, these slight changes and refresh steps can be beneficial to your cannabis website overall.

A website refresh is important to companies because it allows the chance to update or change any outdated content to look refreshed and new. With the right steps and practices in place, a website refresh can also help you gain more online exposure.

Refreshing your cannabis website is also important to help your brand stay up to date on the latest website or e-commerce trends happening in the industry. If you’re looking to revamp content and information on your website, there are a few good places to start.

Helpful Steps to Refreshing Your Cannabis Website

Perhaps you’re a new dispensary looking to gain a wider audience, or a smoking accessories brand brainstorming new cannabis marketing strategies – a refresh of your cannabis website is a great place to start!

At our cannabis marketing agency, there are a few crucial steps we’ve found to be important when refreshing a cannabis website.

Refreshing Web Design

Our web design team assists in updating the UX/UI experience for website visitors to increase conversions and goals and make your brand look relevant and fresh!

Optimizing SEO for Cannabis Companies

A cannabis SEO and advertising strategy is beneficial even in a website refresh stage! CCG’s SEO team suggests optimizing high-ranking keywords and search query terms throughout pages to increase three things: traffic goals, web visibility, and conversions. Redirecting any CTAs or changing the way a user drives through the website’s content can help achieve these business goals.

Implementing Cannabis Industry SEO

Our cannabis SEO team gathers recommendations to refresh your cannabis website from an SEO standpoint. Next, our web team will help implement these recommendations to help websites run faster, smoother, and more clearly. This includes testing page speed updates, user accessibility on all pages, and ensuring all local SEO best practices are met – all are simple SEO values that search engines seek and prioritize.

Website Maintenance

Aside from the necessary web design and development needed to build a cannabis website, constant website maintenance is also required! This helps to ensure your platform is always optimized, updated, and enhanced with all the features and details you’ve implemented. Think of it as behind the scenes work, like an oil change for a car to keep the engine running smoothly.

Updating New Features & Business Happenings 

As time matures for your business, there are sure to be plenty of exciting updates and events happenings for your brand! Implementing new features that reflect new business offerings or customer feedback would be useful to have on the website.

For instance, many of our cannabis marketing clients often add an extended event page on their website that announces upcoming events the company is involved in or even lists retail deals and promotions.

E-Commerce for your Cannabis Website

If you are an e-commerce or online retail cannabis brand, you may understand that selling cannabis products online is a whole different ballgame! This is a step in the website refresh process that requires constant product updates, features, cart enhancements, promos, and more – all to keep an online store running smoothly.

In the same way a retail shop needs employees to stock, clean, and engage with its customers, an online store needs a team to keep the store running smoothly. This means maintaining factors such as:

  • Backend website work
  • Product updates (re-stocking or updating the dispensary or product menu)
  • Face-to-face interface updates

These updates to your e-commerce website will help your customers navigate and shop clearly and with ease.

New Customer Online Forms 

Especially for medical cannabis websites, CCG recommends new online forms to create a more personal and engaging way for clients to communicate with new customers or patients. This can be in the model of new patient registration forms for dispensaries or online chat services for users who are looking for extra assistance while visiting your site.

Connecting these forms to email marketing services or social media platforms helps to streamline this communication and allows the new customer to gain a stronger understanding of the brand.

Get Ready for a Refresh with Cannabis Creative Digital Marketing 

By assessing your cannabis website goals and past accomplishments, you can use the opportunity of a website refresh to further enhance and engage your consumers and customers to the latest happenings of your company.

With an expert team of strategizers and designers, Cannabis Creative Group is well-equipped and ready to support your website refresh needs! No matter who you are in the industry, every cannabis brand and company will need to update its website with relatively new and appropriate updated information at some point.

Contact us today to learn more about the many ways it is important to refresh your cannabis website and how our creative cannabis marketing agency can help!

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