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Local, Mobile, and PPC SEO Hacks for Your CBD Brand

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the more neglected branches of marketing that can organically grow your return on investment (ROI) and completely transform your conversion rates if executed properly. The main goal with SEO is to increase organic website traffic to your site and encourage visitors to move into that next phase of conversion.

The idea is to be at the top of the search engine results page (SERP), so when people search for CBD and anything related to your brand, your products are easily found. This is where the concept of ‘keywords’ comes into play.

Although SEO can be difficult to understand, it is crucial to developing a strong digital presence for your business. That’s why we’ve compiled our top local, mobile, and pay-per-click (PPC) SEO hacks that you can use for your CBD brand.


Content and on-page elements play a large role in the user experience for mobile SEO. Pages that are optimized for mobile should employ CBD keywords that are local-centric (e.g. CBD in Massachusetts) and encourage immediate action from the user for your website and store.

As of November 2017, Google looks at the mobile version of your website before the desktop version. This means your mobile site is now the primary indicator for which pages are indexed and how your website ranks. If you have pages that are not mobile-friendly, you could miss out on ranking benefits for each page that does not meet Google’s best practices for load time.

A mobile experience should also eliminate unnecessary elements that slow down the load time or interfere with a smooth transition from one-page element to the next. Elements such as images, animations, and other rich media should be scaled down or eliminated to ensure speed is the primary metric being optimized. When these elements are optimized, the result is a mobile page that loads quickly and still conveys professionalism and security to the user.


Practicing local SEO is particularly useful for CBD brands with a brick-and-mortar retail location. Optimizing your website to rank for a local audience that is physically near you will allow you to ensure that potential customers are able to find your store. In fact, according to Hubspot, 88% of local searches for businesses on a mobile device either call or visit that business within the same day.A strong website is, therefore, one that is optimized for both your customers and search engines. The intent of a local search tends to be on-the-go in nature (e.g. CBD store near me) but has a higher purchase intent than that of an informational search (e.g. what is CBD oil?).

One specific technique to improve your local SEO to drive foot traffic to your location is to have an optimized Google My Business page. Google My Business is a free tool for business owners to manage the way their business listing appears in search results.

With this tool, you can manage your location on Google maps, online reviews, hours, and so on. Although there are drug policies for Google’s paid advertising, its Google My Business guidelines indicate that regulated goods are allowed as long as geographic and age restrictions are set.

Google My Business is also useful for businesses that do not have a physical location. When you first set up your account, you will be asked if you want to add a location for customers to visit or if you would like to list your business as a ‘service area business’ and simply indicate which cities or postal codes you serve.


Due to the federal legal status of cannabis, the internet has restrictions on paid advertising for cannabis-related or CBD products. For instance, Google has drug policies for pay-per-click ads, shopping ads, in-app ads, video ads, and so on.

These restrictions make it both difficult and risky to use paid advertising for CBD brands. However, some advertisers have gotten creative and been able to skirt banned terms and drive traffic by substituting prohibited keywords such as “THC” and “cannabis” for words like “herb” and “greens”.

Overall, a comprehensive SEO strategy is one that takes mobile and local SEO into consideration. Using these tips and tricks, you can optimize your website for your CBD brand without getting overwhelmed by the marketing regulations set by search engines.

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