The Ultimate Guide to CBD Marketing

In 2019 alone, the legal cannabis industry has expanded to create 33,700 new jobs nationwide, making cannabis the fastest-growing industry in the United States. One specific subset of the cannabis industry is transforming the way we view health and wellness, so much so that the segment is turning into a multi-billion-dollar industry of its own. According to market research, the CBD segment of the cannabis industry is expected to be worth around $20 billion by 2024.

However, changes in legislation surrounding cannabis seem unending. While the number of states legalizing cannabis continues to grow, cannabis is still not federally legal. What this means is that there are restrictions around online advertising for cannabis-derived CBD products on platforms such as Google, Instagram, and Facebook.

This minefield of regulations puts CBD brands in a grey area that varies by cities and states, particularly when it comes to ingestible products, such as CBD-infused food and beverages. From tinctures to capsules to gummies to sublingual strips, these products –hemp-derived or not– face more scrutiny when it comes to marketing and advertising.

Combined, all the different umbrellas of marketing provide the perfect opportunity for CBD brands to educate their audience and build brand awareness, without using marketing techniques that could get you in legal trouble. Branding, print & media, web design and development, SEO, social media, and email all work together to create a holistic marketing strategy.

Consistency across all these channels not only builds the trust and persona of your CBD brand, but also enhances your customers’ experience as they interact with your brand in all areas of their lives. From finding out about your latest product through an Instagram story to searching their email for a discount code to visiting your site to actually purchase that product, a customer should feel that they are walking with the same you every step of the way.


A brand is built and positioned based on many factors, particularly in the CBD industry where there is much room for growth and opportunity. The right combination of unique logo design, branded content, and strong user experience will make your brand the Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour of CBD.

Print & Media

With these unique, eye-catching print and media assets, your brand will be able to showcase your products and services, engage your audience, and stand out from the competition.

Web Design & Development

Designing and developing a website can be a time consuming and expensive investment for a company, but it is one that serves as the four walls of a brand. A website is an invitation for people to explore the foundation of your brand and everything about it: mission, personality, products, services, and so on.


A comprehensive SEO strategy is one that takes mobile and local SEO into consideration. Using these tips and tricks, you can optimize your website for your CBD brand without getting overwhelmed by the marketing regulations set by search engines.

Social Media

Keeping up with legislation surrounding social media platforms is hard with the cannabis and CBD industry. However, implementing best practices to avoid account restrictions and draw your target audience to your profiles will benefit your brand and allow you to thrive on social media.


Email marketing holiday campaign for Canna Companion by Cannabis Creative

Due to the number of restrictions on advertising opportunities, email marketing tends to be one of the more popular ways to reach your customers. Email campaigns are also inexpensive compared to other marketing strategies and allow businesses to communicate directly with their audience and keep them both informed and engaged.

While it is certainly doable to manage all these areas of marketing within your own business, it takes a professional to produce the results you want to see. Cannabis Creative’s Boston-based team has decades of experience in web design & development, SEO, branding, email and social media marketing, and content strategy. We have boosted exposure, both locally and nationally, and can help CBD businesses of all kinds reach a broader market and succeed in this ever-expanding field.

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