How Hennep’s Dispensary Increased Sales with our Native E-commerce Menu

Hennep is a recreational cannabis dispensary in Provincetown, Massachusetts that came to Cannabis Creative for assistance in increasing online visibility and brand awareness while driving customers to shop their products online.

Learn how our cannabis SEO and web development teams strategized a native menu layout for Hennep – including an organized display of all categories and products in a simple yet branded layout for a more user-friendly experience. 

iFrame vs. Native Dispensary Menu: Why it Matters 

One of the many common issues dispensaries face in the cannabis industry is the limitation of a standard iFrame menu integration. 

Dutchie, Weedmaps, and IHeartJane are some of the industry’s top dispensary software offering iFrame menus that can be integrated into your company website. This process requires establishing an online marketplace on the given software’s platform, then you can integrate the iFrame menu to your web design. When you embed an iFrame menu, you’re essentially integrating this marketplace menu listing onto your dispensary website.

These iFrame menus are seamlessly infused into the existing landscape and layout of your dispensary website and offer plenty of insightful tools and marketing features. 

However, there are still many setbacks from this type of e-commerce menu. Not only is SEO and menu stylization sparse but your company’s access to valuable customer insights and data may be limited because it is housed on the software platform. 

With a native dispensary menu coded directly on your website, you not only have full control of your dispensary SEO, but you also have free rein on all creative features – customizing styling, voice, and user interface on menu pages to tie into your dispensary’s branding and optimize the user experience. 

On top of full creative customization, you also have full ownership of SEO analytics with a native dispensary menu because it lives directly within your website. From the moment they arrive on your site to when the customer is clicking the final “purchase” button, you have total access to all analytics and user data, which can then be leveraged into further SEO or marketing strategies.

The Ultimate Dispensary SEO Solution

For Hennep, our SEO strategists found the existing iFrame menu hindered their visibility in search results, impacting their ability to reach a broader audience. All listed products from their dispensary contributed to SEO for the Dutchie platform and did not further enhance search results or visibility for the dispensary website itself. Any internal linking or domain authority contributed to the menu platform rather than the client’s site itself. 

With these insights in mind, the primary goal of this client collaboration was to drive users to order online directly from their website, rather than through the iFrame platform.

Together, our cannabis marketing agency and Hennep worked to construct a solution that would not only enhance their dispensary menu but also boost their online presence by making it more customizable while being both user and search-engine friendly.

Our SEO and web development teams strategized a native menu layout for Hennep. The menu’s design concept features the dispensary’s full list of products and is organized by categories for a more clear and simple user-friendly experience. 

This new native menu allowed search engines to properly crawl and index each product page, a crucial component in SEO that was not addressed in the standard iFrame menu layout. 

From there, our cannabis SEO team also optimized each product page on the menu with meta tags and educational copy rich in SEO keywords that would help Hennep rank in Google search results. Our team also went as far as to create educational pages around each product category, to provide more information to the user to further boost search visibility and keyword rankings.

Skyrocketing Results & Revenue 

In just one month post-launch, Hennep experienced significant improvements in its conversion rates and website traffic. 

  • By implementing a native e-commerce menu, the dispensary saw a remarkable 104% increase in e-commerce conversion rates.
  • SEO data and organic traffic to the site surged by an impressive 69.68%, showcasing the effectiveness of the new native menu in enhancing the website’s online visibility.
  • Hennep’s conversion rates made a remarkable increase of 104%, which complemented the engaging user experience provided by the revamped menu.
  • Dispensary transactions saw a beneficial boost that increased customer engagement and shopping cart transactions, skyrocketing to 145%.
  • The overall dispensary revenue increased an impressive 74.3%.

Associate Director of SEO, Seth Richtsmeier, led our team through this SEO strategy and says: 

“Hennep’s switch to a native menu has propelled their brand to better search visibility. Customers can now find the menu’s category and product pages in search engines, which has led Hennep to earn more qualified traffic, more sales, and more people coming through their doors.”

Revolutionize Your Dispensary Sales with Cannabis Creative’s Native Menu & SEO Strategy

This implementation of a native dispensary menu not only addressed Hennep’s initial concerns on increasing search engine visibility but also had a profound impact on their website traffic, user engagement, access to SEO analytics, and ultimately, created a drastic boost in their revenue. 

These efforts from our cannabis digital marketing agency resulted in an effective SEO strategy that drove successful traffic and revenue growth for this Cape Cod dispensary.

At Cannabis Creative, we meet numerous businesses looking to overcome the challenges of dispensary SEO. Our expert team is composed of combined experiences and insights that have allowed us to create customized dispensary SEO strategies tailored to your specific brand. 

Are you ready to get your brand on the map? Contact our digital marketing team to learn more about our Dispensary Launch package, Native eCommerce Menus, and other award-winning marketing services!