As a brand new cannabis business in Delran, New Jersey, Zacate came to our cannabis marketing agency to launch its dispensary brand.

Starting with a fresh blank canvas, Cannabis Creative worked with Zacate to create an inspiring brand identity and engaging website design that invites users to explore cannabis with curiosity.

As a recent New Jersey dispensary brand, Zacate’s top priority is to provide its community with unmatched experiences and excellent customer service.

As one of the few dispensaries located in their zip code, Zacate is a New Jersey recreational dispensary on a mission to empower customers to discover and explore cannabis on their own terms.

This client wanted their brand identity to symbolize an integration of people, lifestyles, products, and cultures – while staying passionate about providing a path for each customer’s curiosity about cannabis. 

Starting as a new dispensary business, Cannabis Creative worked with Zacate to create brand development and website creation in preparation for their in-store dispensary launch at the end of 2023.

This meant building the dispensary’s brand identity before translating it into a user-friendly website. With this in mind, our creative marketing agency knew we had to curate an inclusive and inviting brand identity with a highlighted focus on the curious exploration and accessibility of cannabis.

Working in a collaborative group setting, our marketing team hosted a round of calls with the client to get to know the vision for the brand and further brainstorm these marketing strategies. While these calls consisted of a larger client team, Cannabis Creative worked to communicate clearly and thoroughly with the client’s team leaders for a seamless and streamlined process.

Cannabis Creative composed an empowering brand identity for Zacate that invites customers to explore their curiosity about cannabis through education and community.

The team at Zacate came to Cannabis Creative with an immense passion to create a space that welcomes cannabis experiences across all communities – embracing similarities and celebrating each other’s differences. To translate this passion into the dispensary’s brand identity, our Creative marketing team brainstormed the client’s core values: Curiosity, Belonging, and Empowerment. 

These core values reflect the brand voice and intention behind all that Zacate symbolizes, echoing a welcoming tone that encourages the spirit of inquisitiveness.

Collaborating with the client, our creative cannabis marketing team came up with the taglines: 


When it came to the client website, the Zacate team wanted a user-friendly layout that would prompt users to sign up for their email newsletter and loyalty rewards, and encourage users to preselect and preorder their products online before picking up in store. oth Zacate and our web development team worked on the goal to get users engaged and involved with the brand through their dispensary website.

Combining the empowering brand identity with seamless web design resulted in a communal and inviting space for Zacate’s consumers to feel a part of something bigger. 

A user-friendly and simple website layout with a seamless design allows users to freely explore Zacate’s dispensary website, get to know the company, sign up for newsletters, and gain rewards all while feeling further empowered and connected to the brand.

As the open date for their New Jersey dispensary emerges, Zacate is set up with a trustworthy and charismatic brand identity that encourages a down to earth connection between cannabis and its consumers - whether newbies or connoisseurs.

The client’s new website, developed and designed by Cannabis Creative, is now a communal space that invites users to explore their curiosities about cannabis through educational resources and a prompted reward program.

The team at Zacate has been so pleased with Cannabis Creative’s work on brand and website development, that their next steps involve expanding our collaboration to work with us on digital advertising!

If you’re in the Delran, New Jersey area, be sure to visit our friends at Zacate soon for a curated cannabis experience!

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