The Goods

The Goods dispensary in Somerville, Massachusetts, in the heart of Davis Square, is on a mission to actively serve the communities they live and work in. With the help of our marketing experts, their enhanced digital marketing communications have proven to help promote featured products and their meaningful partnerships – ultimately driving sales. 

The Need for Dispensary Marketing Communications

The dispensary team at The Goods came to us with the challenge of updating their weekly Email and SMS messages and automations to better reflect their brand, along with increasing accessibility for subscribers and improving the consistency of their messaging.

Strategic Solutions

Thanks to our pre-existing working relationship and knowledge of The Goods brand, our team went into this project with a strategic approach as to how we wanted to better represent their brand and values within their email campaigns. We developed new email and text message templates for the client to help streamline the ongoing creation process. The intention was to allow their featured products and brands being promoted to be front and center and have their unique characteristics proudly on display.

From there, we developed a workflow that allows us to efficiently get all of their upcoming deals into our Friday email deployments. We also made it a priority to include events happening at the store, from pop-ups to collaborations with community initiatives. Through all of these efforts, we were able to generate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that were above industry standards, including a 28.72% open rate (industry average is around 21%) and over $180,000 in revenue after just six months of working together on these marketing communications.

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