iDry: Cannabis Treatment Education, Technology, and Reach

iDry Systems (“iDry”) is a cannabis vacuum drying and curing company with impressive technology to maintain product quality and increase cannabis flower yields. The company specializes in removing water from cannabis flowers quickly to maximize terpene and cannabinoid retention.


iDry consulted Cannabis Creative in their efforts to better capture their target audience, shorten the sales process, and increase consumer faith in their technology through education and brand communications. It was important to the client that the brand’s current audience and future leads were fully aware of the benefits and opportunities for saving provided by their technology and services.


The Cannabis Creative team assessed the client’s target audience and saw that the best way to identify, capture, and communicate with them was through social media campaigns and a Google ad strategy. 

The social media team created custom campaigns focused on informative media. To do so, the content was sourced directly from the engineer who helped create iDry technology to add authority to the client’s content. 

All posts were designed with trustworthiness in mind as iDry’s products and services are an investment in technology that is not widely adopted by the cannabis industry. The Cannabis Creative team also implemented an Instagram follow strategy based around popular cannabis events. 

In addition to a social media campaign, the SEO team implemented a Google ad strategy to grow the client’s lead source and get in touch with cannabis farms across the U.S., as well as Germany and Colombia. These farms were targeted with ads that highlight the prospect of increasing cannabis yields with optimal terpene levels and controlled temperature environments to deter mold growth.


Through social media and Google ad campaigns, the Cannabis Creative team was able to tap into the industry’s need for maximum product quality. 

The Instagram follower strategy implemented by the social media team not only made iDry an engaged player in the cannabis space, but it also exposed the brand to other engaged individuals and brands attending cannabis events. In fact, the strategy resulted in an 11% follower increase in just 3 days. 

The Google ad campaign was equally successful, boasting about an 87% impression share with a 6% conversion rate at a low cost per conversion of between $30-$50. The overall performance of both campaigns was exceptionally successful because the client’s technology is so new and intriguing to the industry, which the Cannabis Creative team used to their advantage.

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