Fine Fettle

“If you say that someone or something is in fine fettle, you mean that they are in very good health or good condition.” —


The owner of five cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts and Connecticut, both medical and adult use, Fine Fettle makes it their mission to provide a superior experience for their customers and employees. At the core of the business is a commitment to progress and improvement: they are always aiming to better themselves, their operations, and the health and wellbeing of their customers.

Superior company with limited search visibility: Fine Fettle needed an SEO boost

When Fine Fettle came to Cannabis Creative in July 2020, one of their goals was to increase their organic search rankings on Google for keywords relating to “Connecticut dispensary.” While they were already a successful company with several locations in two New England states, their search rankings didn’t show it: at the time, they were ranking 10th and 11th for most of their target keywords.

Cannabis Creative launched and pay-per-click campaigns for dispensaries in both states and executed a comprehensive SEO strategy, optimizing existing content on the Fine Fettle website and metadata for their target keywords. As part of their content strategy, our team created original blogs relating to their keywords.

The combined efforts led to an SEO win for Fine Fettle: over the next year, their Google ranking shot up to #2 for the majority of their keywords, improving their search visibility to help them reach a wider audience.

Email marketing strategy with extraordinary results

With unique customer bases in two separate states, Fine Fettle had the opportunity to expand their reach by reworking their email marketing strategy. To help them accomplish this, Cannabis Creative did the following:

• Sent out surveys via email to gain a better understanding of their audiences in both Connecticut and Massachusetts

• Planned and launched biweekly newsletters in both states

• Created original content for newsletters to educate consumers, promote new products and drive traffic to their website, increasing revenue as a result

• Reimagined an existing welcome series for Connecticut patients, and planning a new welcome series (launching soon!) for Massachusetts

The immediate response was solid proof that email marketing, when executed correctly, truly works. Not only did the new campaigns lead to more opens and reduce unsubscribes and bounce rates, they produced exponential sales. The first email resulted in $73,000 in revenue, with 1,325 clicks. In a subsequent email, the introduction of an “Ask the Family Pharmacist” section led to $22,000 in sales. From April to October, Fine Fettle’s revenue from email marketing skyrocketed from $7,888 to nearly $88,000.

Social media reporting by state


In addition to SEO and email marketing, the Cannabis Creative team provides monthly reports of Fine Fettle’s social media accounts in both states. The reports offer them detailed information about their audiences, reach and the success of the content they’re publishing, allowing the client to plan content specifically tailored to each of their locations.

Fine Fettle’s relationship with Cannabis Creative is ongoing, as we continue to manage their digital marketing strategies and build upon the success of their brand.

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