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Emerald Grove

Lighting Up Cape Cod’s Latest Dispensary

Emerald Grove is a cannabis dispensary on Cape Cod founded by brothers Tim and Alex Jamoulis. Opened in spring 2021, the business offers a luxurious, modern retail experience for adult use consumers, with a focus on environmental sustainability, quality products, and providing customers with cannabis education.

Emerald Grove’s quest for brand identity.

The clients approached Cannabis Creative with a specific goal in mind: achieving a website design that represented their two very distinct passions, Cape Cod and a mystical, quirky element. While their business name is a nod to World of Warcraft, they found it equally important to reflect the local landscape to relate to their customer base (both are present in their logo, which features a graphic of a lighthouse behind emerald jewels). In particular, they were drawn to the image of the lighthouse and themes of light and dark. As a brand-new business, the clients also sought to use their website to grow their audience online, and as a result, garner leads for new customers as well as potential employees.

Dark mode elements with a glow.

To accomplish Emerald Grove’s vision, our team essentially created the website in “dark mode,” using dark background colors and incorporating a night scene of a lighthouse on the homepage. Upon opening the site, users see a 21+ popup that is backlit by a glow. Light and dark themes continue throughout the site, with brighter text and photos set against dark backgrounds for a contrasting effect. 

To help Emerald Grove generate leads, Cannabis Creative added a careers form to allow job seekers to apply for positions online; a newsletter signup form to build their email list; and a contact form to answer customers’ questions.

The result: the client received a unique, user-friendly website that is responsive on all devices, encompassing a cohesive set of brand standards that will set them apart in the industry.