Giving New Life to Drops of Life

Drops of Life wanted to craft a digital brand presence that aligned with its elevated product quality.

Drops of Life is a CBD brand that uses cutting-edge techniques to farm and extract some of the purest, THC-free CBD oil on the market. With such high-quality products, the Drops of Life team wanted a facelift to their overall digital presence – especially their website – to communicate the true value of what they were selling.

They came to us in need of several different services and were uncertain about where to begin.

Cannabis Creative offered a clear cross-channel marketing strategy and direction.

The Cannabis Creative team was eager to revamp Drops of Life’s entire digital presence. This type of opportunity is a truly hands-on effort for our team as we get to coordinate and work in unison across our many different teams: email, social media, content and SEO, website design and development, and more.

We started by establishing clear objectives and creating a strategy that fit all the pieces of the marketing puzzle together. After doing this, we identified that the website and visual brand identity were the most important areas of focus.

Branding and Website Design & Development

When Drops of Life first approached us, their main concern was their website. In fact, they were embarrassed to show their site to anyone!

As a data-driven agency, we started with an SEO audit to evaluate the technical aspects of the site while having our design team flesh out the existing visual brand identity. Although the Drops team was happy with their logo, they felt that the brand was not translating onto their website.

While the SEO team gained an understanding of what was and was not working on the website, our experienced graphic designers created a more formal primary and secondary brand color palette, patterns and textures to use across different mediums, and even assigned colors to product categories to distinguish them.

From here, our SEO team defined some simple steps to help elevate the user experience side of the website: craft a designated homepage, create pages for the newly defined product categories, and publish valuable content.

In addition to other technical SEO changes in metadata, our team worked to implement these steps alongside the website design and development phase. This included custom iconography design, SEO-driven copywriting, and custom-coded website pages. We also began writing quarterly blogs.

Social Media Marketing

Once the transformation of the website was underway, the Cannabis Creative team focused on social media and email marketing. Drops of Life has not yet established any email marketing strategy and although they had created social media accounts, the client was not satisfied with their activity.

Our work with Drops of Life is by far one of the largest social media engagements that we offer. The social media team paid extra attention to the overall content strategy for this brand. With multiple posts a week, we also executed on a customized grid strategy to fold in the new visual branding our designers established.

This involved a competitive analysis of successful grid strategies that allowed for an aesthetic visual feed while also leaving room for flexibility of messaging, such as giveaways, last-minute posts, events and holidays, and more.

We also had our content strategists work to establish content pillars around product education, lifestyle content, health and wellness tips, and more.

In addition to creating and scheduling posts 3-4 times a week, we implemented a unique Instagram Story strategy and community management strategy. Both strategies involved manual, in-app activity from our social media team to actively build an engaged community online.

We spent time several times a week interacting with users and real customers on social media in addition to implementing manual strategies to grow the Drops of Life audience.

Email Marketing

When it came to email marketing, our team was excited to start from scratch. We set up strategic automations, perfect for an e-commerce brand, such as a welcome sequence, abandoned cart emails, post-purchase follow up series, and more.

From here, we crafted custom email templates to truly showcase the Drops of Life products in the best way possible. Doing this not only helps their emails stand out to their subscribers but also creates a more efficient content creation process.

As we began to send out emails about exclusive promotions, holiday campaigns, and more, our email team strategized around how to optimize sender engagement. In other words, how can we drive tangible results through email marketing?

As we continued to provide strategic input in these areas, we saw a significant increase in direct revenue and sales from email marketing, which the Drops of Life was thrilled about.

Drops of Life has since grown tremendously across all platforms.

Many of these platforms – SEO and social media especially – can be a slow burn. It takes a while to see results, but over the time that Cannabis Creative worked with Drops of Life, we saw tremendous growth from our carefully thought out strategies.

We gave Drops of Life a fool-proof foundation: the website is beautiful and effective, their social media content is attractive and informative, and their email marketing is automated and engaging.

As we continue to offer our services to Drops of Life, we can see how our cross-channel strategy laid the groundwork for long-term success.

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