SEO and Online Advertising
SEO and Online Advertising

Blue Forest Farms

Blue Forest Farms is a 235-acre hemp farm in Colorado that offers high CBD flower, hemp seeds, hemp seedlings, hemp clones, and CBD oil extracts. With over 40 years of combined organic farming and extraction experience, their team of farmers, botanists, and extraction professionals understand what it takes to deliver exceptional hemp products.


Blue Forest Farms was looking for a marketing partner with cannabis expertise to help drive traffic to their website, which is focused on wholesale hemp products. The company’s big focus was to sell hemp seeds to industrial agricultural hemp farmers in the United States. The BFF team was searching for a partner to fill the gap between outbound marketing, lead generation, and supporting sales.


The Cannabis Creative team focused initial efforts on an SEO audit and analysis to learn more about the overall landscape online that Blue Forest Farms was competing for sales on. 

Based on the results of the analysis, it was clear that Cannabis Creative needed to execute a pay-per-click campaign to sell hemp seeds to specific audiences. The Cannabis Creative Search Engine Marketing team then implemented online advertising campaigns focused on wholesale hemp seeds and wholesale CBD oil to both home growers and large hemp farmers. They later shifted the campaign to target more large-scale agriculture, purchasing millions of hemp seeds in the U.S. each year. 

While creating and managing these campaigns, the team also optimized the Blue Forest Farms website and created new content around relevant topics for their consumers. The organic SEO content strategy involved comprehensive keyword research, keyword analysis, and recommendations for new content to be developed on their website in the form of blog posts, pillar pages, and a resource center. This content was highly geared towards educating and providing resources to hemp farmers searching Google for relevant information. Keyword targets were selected based on search volume and overall competitive opportunity in Google. 


The PPC campaign increased Blue Forest Farms’ stream of quality leads. Since the launch of this project in January 2019, the campaign has delivered over 16,000 clicks with an average of 6% click-through-rate and over 271,000 impressions of the advertisements that were run. The Cannabis Creative team also achieved outstanding success in increasing organic web traffic to the Blue Forest Farms website. These SEO and PPC efforts will have long-term effects on the domain authority and search visibility of their website for years to come. People searching for hemp seeds online are now finding their website quickly and the Google Ads, coupled with an organic SEO content strategy and implementation plan have proven to be very successful in generating leads and online sales. 

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