The benefits of CBD for sports are well-known, and many companies market products for professional athletes of traditional sports.

But SummaForte noticed one group of consumers whose needs were not being met in the industry: professional gamers. Because of the stigma still surrounding gaming as a sport, there is little awareness about the physical strain of e-sports. SummaForte gathered feedback and dedicated their business to providing healthy, CBD-based solutions to the injuries, pain and inflammation that gamers experience.

Summaforte offers two categories of products: SummaTape, or kinesiology tape with CBD and premium menthol  for inflammatory relief; and SummaMix, or flavored sports drink packs with CBD, Neumentix and FloraGLO Lutein to reduce inflammation and improve vision, focus, mental health and overall performance.

SummaForte’s mission: branding to break the stigma

SummaForte needed graphics for their website that would help them establish their brand. It was important for them to not only market their business and the products they offer, but to feature graphics that would speak directly to their audience and present e-sports as equally serious, competitive and physically challenging as any other sport.

Making a statement with imagery

Cannabis Creative used the client’s input to brainstorm ideas for imagery, using a mood board for inspiration in the initial planning process. Our team developed multipurpose design files  (primarily intended for social media marketing) featuring SummaForte’s logo and on-brand colors – black, blue, orange and white – and photos depicting e-sports equipment and athletes along with the company’s products. Many images also incorporated the brand’s messaging relating to health and science, and slogans aimed at decreasing the stigma of gaming: for instance, “Active lifestyle powered by science,” “Gaming powered by health,” “Strengthen your mind and your body,” and “Gamers are athletes.”

Designs that display the best of a brand

In total, Cannabis Creative delivered 15 digital assets – five graphics promoting SummaForte’s gamer tape, five graphics for their drink mix, and five more general lifestyle graphics related to the brand – each in four different sizes for various purposes. The images created by our team incorporated a cohesive, on-brand design scheme, with an overall aesthetic that is professional, clean and modern. The set of graphics clearly display the company’s products, depict gamers as athletes, and promote the company’s messaging of using CBD for recovery and peak performance in e-sports.

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