PreRoll-Er is a leading provider of cutting-edge machinery in the cannabis industry. Specializing in manufacturing high-quality pre-roll automation equipment and post-harvest production solutions, PreRoll-Er aims to revolutionize cannabis manufacturing.

With their commitment to innovation and excellence, they sought the expertise of our cannabis marketing team to enhance their digital presence and communication strategies – including brand identity, website design and development, SEO audit and strategy, and even print advertising assets for tradeshows and expos.

Identifying Challenges and Marketing Needs


Already a well-renowned cannabis company in the North American market, PreRoll-Er faced the challenge of increasing awareness and recognition, particularly within the U.S. 

As a Canadian-based cannabis manufacturing company in the industry, PreRoll-Er was in search of a revamp and refresh on their current website and branding, as well as marketing assets such as printed brochures, advertisements, and booth design for upcoming tradeshows and expos. 

With the deep insight and experience our agency has to manage all corners of the country’s legal cannabis market, the team initiated a multifaceted approach that would address this target audience while complying with all strict guidelines and industry marketing regulations.

This involved addressing a website redesign, branding, and marketing assets to deepen the brand awareness and overall message of the company.

Rolling Up a Tailored Solution for this Ancillary Brand

First, the focus was revamping existing branding guidelines to a more compelling online presence and brand awareness. Our design team worked to expand brand colors, update logos and icons, and create a more cohesive brand look.

Our brand identity team strategized a brand refresh, revising brand guidelines that could be translated into the client’s future marketing assets. These new guidelines aligned with the company’s already established values and goals, while incorporating a new visual system of icons and small illustrations to create more visual interest and clarity around the company.

With a branding refresh complete, our marketing team took these new style guidelines and curated a booth design for PreRoll-Er’s exhibiting presence at cannabis industry trade shows. 

Resembling the company’s updated branding, the booth’s highly sophisticated look and demonstrative industrial machinery certainly created a buzz at each convention! 

In addition to a new booth design, our print and packaging design team created an informative branded brochure that seamlessly communicated the clear message and copy from the website, with icons and language that gave the user a digestible and condensed tone.

Getting to Know the Brand

With the client’s satisfaction from our first phase of marketing deliverables, our Cannabis Creative team visited the PreRoll-Er company’s facility to learn more about their company and marketing vision. This hands-on experience helped put faces to the names of those we worked closely with.

This allowed our team to gain a deeper understanding of how PreRoll-Er’s pre-roll machines work, what their daily operations look like, and nailing down their marketing goals, all as a result of strengthening this client-agency relationship and collaboration. 

Cultivating a Competitive Strategy for Marketing Content

With this new set of brand guidelines, a revamped website, and a print advertising presence in place, our team set out to strategize content creation that would increase customer loyalty and brand awareness of PreRoll-Er’s machine benefits.

Before our collaboration, the website’s design did not align seamlessly with the company’s messaging or values. Our UX and SEO audits determined how it could effectively showcase its industrial cannabis machines to potential customers.

From there, our web development team worked to optimize the client’s existing pages to ensure critical information about these pre-roll filling machines was concise and clearly communicated to website visitors and potential buyers.

A website redesign helped reflect a more modern and user-friendly interface. This has significantly enhanced PreRoll-Er’s online presence to create a clear, organized, and informative experience for users. 

Our cannabis SEO team is in the process of an ongoing article writing project, creating informative content that goes beyond traditional blogs and instead, promotes brand authority and transparency. 

This content will act as a form of case studies that will speak to their target audience of cannabis industry professionals, offering researched solutions and tips to optimize their cannabis production and manufacturing processes.

In addition to the new website design and content strategy, our digital advertising team kicked off a series of LinkedIn advertising campaigns to target their specific audiences with these new marketing essentials.

These pay-per-click advertising campaigns translated PreRoll-Er’s branding and messaging to target specific demographics and audiences that could benefit from the company’s industrial automated cannabis machines.

Our design team created an ebook digital asset that could be downloaded and viewed by users who’ve entered their email addresses. Intending to drive leads, this became a valuable asset for the LinkedIn ads and contributed to the organic growth of the client’s email list.

On top of targeted ad campaigns, our web development team created and launched a new website page for this client that promoted its new Leasing Program. 

This page clearly communicates the offerings of this program effectively to users, prompting them to sign up for the program or contact the company to learn more. It also acts as a landing page for the client’s digital marketing and advertising campaigns.

Our collaboration extended through the successful completion of PreRoll-Er’s new marketing assets that were effectively showcased at one of the industry’s largest trade shows, gaining positive attention and engagement that ultimately contributed to elevated connections and higher brand recognition. 

Going beyond trade shows, PreRoll-Er’s captivating brand guidelines, website design, and content strategy continue to promote brand awareness and information through digital marketing campaigns. 

This marketing collaboration with PreRoll-Er has created high-quality work driven for success.

With our delivery of these marketing initiatives for PreRoll-Er, the client has expressed their satisfaction with Cannabis Creative Group, acknowledging the team’s professionalism, industry knowledge, and contribution to communication strategies.

“In order to increase the notoriety of our brand, PreRoll-Er, we called on Cannabis Creative Group who immediately took us under their wings. The team, headed by Dan Serard, very quickly put us at ease thanks to their professionalism and knowledge of the cannabis industry. Not only does the agency provide us with high-quality promotional material, but also helps us greatly with communication strategies. PreRoll-Er is very happy to have Cannabis Creative Group as a partner and we can’t wait to see what the future holds, knowing that we have this team behind us.”

– Francis Foucault-Bouchard, Marketing Director of PreRoll-Er

Make Your Mark in the Cannabis Industry with Our Award-Winning Marketing Agency

With the successful completion of brand identity, website design and development, print and digital advertising, and SEO content, Cannabis Creative was able to help drive PreRoll-Er to new heights in the cannabis industry and continues to help nurture the brand in the U.S. digital marketing space.

As a leading pre-roll manufacturing company, a refreshed website design and brand identity now reflects the sophisticated, professional, and industrial presence of the brand’s automated pre-roll filling machines.

Is your cannabis company or ancillary brand looking for a refresh? Looking to elevate your marketing efforts in a new or existing market? Reach out to learn more about kickstarting a collaboration with our agency, or browse our blog for handy marketing tips and tricks!

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