Pistil Data

Pistil Data is a leading provider of cannabis industry data, specializing in comprehensive market insights and reports. As a dynamic player in the cannabis analytics space, Pistil Data aims to empower professionals in the industry by delivering valuable information on popular brands, product categories, and emerging market trends.

The Challenge at Hand

Pistil Data faced the challenge of creating and advertising their ebooks and cannabis data to professionals in the cannabis industry across specified, established state markets. This ad campaign intended to provide valuable insights into the industry, showcasing popular brands, and highlighting trends in product categories.

The goal of the campaign was to have people click on the ad, provide their information (such as their email), and then receive an ebook sent via email to the specific targeted state.

The campaigns were specifically tailored for the states of California, Massachusetts, and Michigan, focusing on both brand and dispensary audiences.

With this challenge at hand, our partnership with Pistil Data involved a range of marketing services – including strategy planning, ad design work, and the execution of targeted LinkedIn ad campaigns.

Gathering Data and Delivering Solutions

To kick off this challenge, Cannabis Creative first developed a strategy centered around creating engaging ebooks and implementing successful LinkedIn ad campaigns.

Considering the rapid growth and advancements of insight in the cannabis industry, we created ebook templates for the client to conveniently access and create based on any recent findings. Each template was designed to lay out valuable data and information to users clearly and concisely.

Next, our design team worked to curate a set of 3 ebooks for Pistil Data – in California, Michigan, and Massachusetts markets – that would be used as the downloadable asset in these digital ad campaigns. We carefully created each ebook in Pistil’s captivating branding colors, while outlining text areas and imagery for a full-spectrum educational experience.

Next, digital ad campaigns were established to encourage clicks and prompt users to provide their information in exchange for these new resourceful state-specific ebooks. This helped inform interested users of the latest industry data and also established further brand awareness for the client.

Apart from the LinkedIn ad campaigns, our digital advertising team of strategists also contributed to the client’s online presence and brand awareness by designing a dedicated reporting page on their website. This page, along with 17 other tiles, was created to host market reports and provide a comprehensive resource for industry professionals.

Rapid Results to Drive In Leads

From both the client and our marketing agency, the LinkedIn ad strategy and campaigns exceeded expectations!

In total, the ad campaign’s account performance gained 19,197 impressions and drove 148 leads at a 43.7% conversion rate.

All of the ads targeting Massachusetts, California, and Michigan on LinkedIn reached thousands of impressions and gathered numerous clicks through the captivating and engaging ads designed by our creative design team.

In just over 1 month, successful insights for each of Pistil Data’s digital ad campaigns included:

  • Ad campaigns targeted Massachusetts reached 7,704 impressions, drove 87 leads, and with a 45% conversion rate
  • Michigan-based digital advertising reached 1,054 impressions, with a 1.9% click-through rate and 50% conversion rate.
  • The campaigns targeted the state of California exceeded 1,475 impressions, reached a 2.71% click-through rate, and saw a 45% conversion rate.

Overall, this ad campaign’s success demonstrated the effectiveness of the strategy in engaging the target audience, driving almost 20,000 impressions, resulting in valuable leads for Pistil Data.

Jeffrey Graham, the CEO of Pistil Data, shared his positive feedback after this collaboration with our cannabis marketing agency, “We had great results with Cannabis Creative. Their team is highly professional and they follow through. I highly recommend them.”

Our commitment to professionalism, strategic planning, and creative execution solidified our partnership with Pistil Data on this project, positioning them for continued success in the dynamic cannabis market.

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