Re-Defining Social Cannabis Lounges

Mantis is a cannabis social lounge and retail store in Jersey City, NJ thoughtfully designed to reflect the soulful characteristics of the sights, sounds, and taste of the diverse cultures in our cannabis community. The space welcomes you into a culturally-rich atmosphere: carefully curated, international decor, stylish chairs and plush sofas, cannabis-infused beverages, live music, good company, and more.

Mantis needed us to define their visual identity.

As a company that places deep value in celebrating the diversity that exists within the cannabis space, Mantis called on Cannabis Creative to produce a brand identity that would speak to everyone in the community and warmly invite them in. With music at the heart of Mantis’ spirit, we wanted to create thoughtful branding that would welcome cannabis enthusiasts and music lovers alike, no matter their prefered genre.


Given the necessity to attract all types of folks, and also to navigate strict state logo requirements, we transformed the client’s initial logo idea into a unique and responsive wordmark that would be accessible to all audiences.


We maintained the guitar pick accent to pay homage to the insect which gave the brand its name, as well as the simple nod to the music that unifies the Mantis community. In addition to the wordmark, Mantis’ branding also included various expanded and contracted logo applications, a comprehensive color palette, blended shapes, and one-of-a-kind font combinations.

Cannabis Creative further developed this concept into a stunning and functional website.

As this business was in its nascent stages when we began working together, Mantis tasked us with developing a website to achieve four main objectives to assist in their growth: Inform potential investors about this emerging company, attract business partners, invite artists and musicians to join in on the fun, and provide a seamless online cannabis retail experience for customers.

Moreover, Cannabis Creative needed to navigate local legislation through imaginative digital marketing in order to bring this new concept of a live music & legal on-site cannabis consumption venue to market.

Strategizing the Verticals

With all of these needs at play, our content strategists first helped determine Mantis’ distinct business verticals, and expanded the client’s initial dispensary website vision into a fully-loaded, corporate branding website.


Our team worked collaboratively with the client to tell an engaging story and to position their brand in a strategic way to satisfy all of the above objectives.
This early planning evolved into a website roadmap, which informed all of the creative copywriting, SEO tactics, and web design that would establish each custom page of the site. These web pages included:
A streamlined Home Page to reveal just enough to each of these four audiences to entice them to click through and read further

A lively About Page to tell the Mantis story of inclusion and joy, and to let users in on what makes the brand so special

A shop-ready Retail Page with a cannabis e-commerce iFrame to provide a fast and easy customer experience

Cannabis Creative put Mantis on the map as one of the first lounges for live music and on-site cannabis consumption

Cannabis Creative was able to successfully grow Mantis’ initial idea into a beautiful, fully fledged brand and corporate website. Since the launch of their site, Mantis has received hundreds of inquiries on partnerships and events, and continues to expand their business into new ventures such as cultivation and franchising.

Given the ever-expanding nature of this business, the Cannabis Creative team designed both the branding and website to stand the test of time while also maintaining the flexibility to evolve alongside the brand as it too evolves in the future.

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