Local Product of Colorado regains control

Local Product of Colorado lost control of its website SEO strategy and the information provided to its customers. CCG helped explore all avenues of regaining control and built a new high-quality website on a fast-tracked timeline.

Local Product of Colorado came to us after their website traffic plummeted. Their business relies on tourist visitors as much as their local patrons so website traffic and organic search traffic are essential to their business. With their website, listings, and SEO efforts in the hands of other people – they could not fix the issues causing their drop in traffic.


We did a deep dive into their website, SEO performance, and put together an optimization report for the current website but the Local Product team had no way to implement without control of their own website. After all efforts to recover the website were exhausted, we decided a new website was absolutely necessary.

As we made this decision, COVID-19 lockdowns were implemented and the cannabis market changed drastically. With Colorado implementing conflicting restrictions between pick up, curbside only, and adult-use sales, Local Product needed a reliable web presence more than ever.

The Local Product team worked with us to define a timeline, budget and needs for their new and fully accessible website. We cut out some of our preferred services provided by our high-end design resources and strategists but focused on the priorities – user experience and SEO.

Our SEO strategy for the new website was to maintain all pages with direct redirects (not changing old page breadcrumbs) as much as possible, adding alt text to all product images and taking the time to rewrite title tags and meta descriptions prior to launch.

One of the major priorities of this site build came down to user experience. Both teams wanted to ensure that all site visitors were able and encouraged to order online. For instance, by having the daily menu easily accessible and updated to promote a purchase decision while customers are on the site. With the help of iheartjane, we were able to easily implement their daily menu into the website. We also implemented all the deals Local Product provides to their customers to ensure all could take advantage.

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