The Business Creators Show: Cannabis Marketing with Diversity & Inclusion

Dan Serard, director of business development at Cannabis Creative, joins the Business Creators’ Radio Show with Adam Hommey to discuss cannabis marketing with diversity & inclusion.

Airs on March 10th, 2022 at 12pm EST.

A diverse cannabis industry is one that serves and benefits multiple communities, business owners, and consumers.

An equitable cannabis industry is one that represents marginalized communities in leadership roles: founders, owners, CEOs, board members, investors, and so on.

An inclusive cannabis industry is one that provides marginalized communities with ownership opportunities, builds businesses that give back to underserved populations, actively fights for individuals and communities harmed by the War on Drugs and the stigmas and stereotypes around cannabis, and commits to creating businesses where all identities are honored.

Although these are the ideal end results, we can all play a part in moving towards a diverse, equitable, and inclusive cannabis industry. Education and activism are key components to this fight, and with that comes a responsibility to understand the nuances around the discussion.

Dan Serard has been working in the cannabis industry for years. He knows all too well the importance of diversity and inclusivity within marketing, within business, and within education.

Dan joins Adam to discuss:

  • What diversity, equity, and inclusion means
  • What diversity, equity, and inclusion looks like in the cannabis industry
  • What intersectionality has to do with cannabis marketing
  • Why we need inclusive marketing in the cannabis industry
  • And so much more

Now, more than ever, it’s important for all brands to not only make a statement but show their customers their core values are rooted in DEI through action. Does yours?