Creating Change for the Massachusetts Veteran Community

It is with honor and gratitude that we thank our veterans for their service, especially during Veteran’s Day. 

At Cannabis Creative, giving back to our community and being a vocal advocate of change in our industry is part of our core values. Our unique ability to help organizations in the cannabis space allows our team to help amplify voices through digital marketing. 

The Cannabis Advancement Series (CAS) is one such organization, aiming to increase access to medical cannabis for veterans in Massachusetts, collect data to inform policy change at the state at national level, and implement state-wise engaging and experiential community events. 

They came to us looking for a local marketing partner to assist them in getting online exposure through a new website and strong social media presence.

Our Cannabis Creative team donated its time to design a new brand new website and increase the CAS’s social media following and engagement. 

Our social media team focused on building the CAS’s social media presence by setting up and optimizing new social accounts on all relevant platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter). Additionally, in-depth content calendars were outlined and presented a month in advance combined with real-time responses to comments, questions, and direct messages.

After the initial setup, the Cannabis Creative team spent time developing a strong social media strategy, including content ideation and creation, recommendations for paid influencer marketing tactics, as well as other strategic opportunities on social media. 

Our web design and development team focused primarily on designing a website that was visually appealing and compatible with all device sizes. Delivering a high-end user experience was especially important because of the CAS’s mission, leading our designers to implement friendly navigation to specific pages of focus, such as form submissions for research studies or allowing users to register for events through the website. We also created pages that prominently displayed study sponsors and research partners to increase the visibility of major players involved in data collection projects within the cannabis industry, such as Weedmaps, The Botanist, AmeriCann, Bask Cannabis, The Disabled American Veterans, MCR Labs, Revolutionary Clinics, and The Healing Rose.

As part of their mission, the CAS often serves as an awareness channel for a number of research studies, like the 2019 Veterans Health and Medical Cannabis Study, conducted in the industry to help push for legislative reform. This particular study was critical in the path to helping veterans gain more access to cannabis in the state of Massachusetts. 

  • The study reported that close to 75% of veterans suffer from chronic pain, PTSD, or anxiety. 
  • Nationally, Veterans report taking an average of 4.1 medications a day and spend an average of $98.40 per month out of pocket for prescription and over-the-counter medication.
  • Out of the 565 national Veterans who participated, an overwhelming 92% report consuming medical cannabis.
  • In fact, 100% of the participants believe that Veterans Affairs should be trained in medical cannabis and allowed to recommend it. 98% believe that the VA should even offer free or discounted medical cannabis to veterans who qualify for its use. 

The Cannabis Creative team’s donated time greatly helped the Cannabis Advance Series extend awareness of this study, which ultimately helped the CAS create a meaningful step towards change for the Massachusetts veteran community at the Massachusetts State House. 

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