Cannabis Creative Featured in MG Magazine as an Industry-Leading Branding & Marketing Agency

Cannabis Creative is honored to have been featured again in an issue of MG Magazine.

MG Magazine is a B2B industry media outlet that covers brands and people driving unprecedented growth. They position themselves as serving “the current and future needs of the cannabis professional.”

With their in-depth coverage of topics that are relevant to industry players, we acknowledge the high standards of the publication in featuring other businesses, such as ours.

In the June 2022 cover story (page 43), MG rounds up creative agencies that are “at the top of their game.” The story listed us as a branding and marketing agency that has “helped bring to life brands that are now well-known”. They describe us as “passionate about what they do as creatives, brand-to-consumer ambassadors, plant advocates, and –above all else– storytellers.”

At Cannabis Creative, we do all things “with the end in mind,” a motto of our CEO and Co-Founder, Seth Worby. 

With this big-picture approach and extensive experience, our teams are able to design creative and innovative solutions to cannabis marketing. In an industry that resembles a minefield when it comes to restrictions and regulations, we are able to go above and beyond for our clients.

Also highlighted in this edition (page 41) is our award-winning Secrets to Successful Marketing e-book. This free resource includes a breakdown of six key areas of cannabis marketing: branding, website design and development, search engine marketing, email and text marketing, and social media. 

However, the real value of Secrets to Successful Cannabis Marketing comes from all the insider information we share from our team: 

  • Industry-specific data backed by our partners
  • Real-life case studies to see our tips in action
  • Behind-the-scenes processes of our client work
  • Advice from our team of marketing professionals
  • And more

Read the full June issue of MG Magazine to learn more about building better brands, marketing secrets for growth, and other cannabis agencies to watch.

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